How Aliens & ETs Get Control of You - Dark Agenda Recruiting and the UFO Community

A man named Jeff recently contacted me through a friend saying he felt demonically attacked:

As I was texting with him I saw a dark energy, like a cyborg, standing over him.  I asked Jeff some questions to find out where he had given consent to this.  It turned out he followed UFO phenomena.

The problem with the UFO community is that it is not focused on the Light and spiritual protection. In fact in many cases it is blurring the lines, attempting to legitimize dark agenda ETs and to put you in spiritual contract with them.  Often there is a magnetic draw to the UFO information -- this is the ETs themselves using their demonic energy to suck people in.

Did you know that just by watching people such as UFO or Secret Space Program whistleblowers you can be giving consent to the dark agenda in your life?  Many of these whistleblowers are still in spiritual contract with the dark agenda, and by you giving consent to them, you are giving consent to the dark agenda to operating in your life, just like Jeff did. In effect these whistleblowers are operating as recruiters for the dark agenda.  There are dark agenda ETs watching over their shoulders that are looking for any opportunity to prey upon you, to get you in contract with them to enslave you.

In fact if you watch anyone who is in contract with the dark side, you can be giving consent to the dark side operating through them to affect you. My friend who had Jeff contact me has been watching microwave/microchip/DEW weapon use on the human population -- and has been giving consent for this to happen to her by simply watching this information and not taking full responsibility for her consent.  She is working herself into fits believing she's a victim -- but she is the one responsible for giving consent.

If these whistleblowers have met so many ETs, why don't they also know who God and/or Christ is? Where is God in their story?

Often they are not invoking God/the Light/Christ, and that means they are a liability to you, as they can channel the dark agenda to your unconscious consent, and get you into contract with the dark side.   Is there often very little mention of God/the Light because all of this is happening outside of God?

The Default Consent is Consent to the Dark Side

You can be giving consent without consciously realizing it.  If you see a disaster scene in a fictional movie and you don't object to it -- by default you are giving consent to that happening in your life or on the planet. The dark side sweeps for mass consent this way to create large-scale disasters.

The same is true with the UFO community.  The people who are bringing forward information can get your subconscious consent for the dark side to harm you if you do not object to the dark agenda in all forms.


This video discusses how you can be giving consent and how to protect your spiritual contracts


Secret Space Program whistleblowers deal with alot of threats  on their life.  Popular whistleblower Corey Goode has apparently signed a contract to limit disclosure of information for 10 more years. This will allow the perpetrators to continue to kidnap people and traffic children for 10 more years.  Lindsey Hooper and Penny Bradley question as to whether he is actually a whistleblower or just an agent for the system.


James Rink is giving Meisha Johnston a platform on his show.  However, Meisha is fully in contract with the dark side, and is slyly advancing their agenda by presenting them with compassion and offering to teach people their language so as to communicate with them. She is an accurate version of voluntary Stockholm Syndrome:  Identifying with her captors agenda, presenting an innocuous version of it, justifying it, and presenting it to others for acceptance.  For the non-discerning person, it all sounds logical, normalizing these demonic ETs and the harm they are reaping upon humanity.


When I told Jeff about this cyborg type of energy standing over him, his energy shifted, as now that he consciously knew what was affecting him, he was refusing consent to this thing assaulting his life.  It started lifting off, and I could see he was already feeling better.

You too can free yourself from predatory dark energies. I have posted information on how you can protect your spiritual contracts.  I also have a free guided meditation to release alien contracts.

Then, along with your consistent connection to the Light, you can safely research the abundance of information out there that is systembusting the dark agenda which has been enslaving humanity for eons.

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