Anger is a Good Thing

Feeling depressed? You're probably feeling angry underneath. Just like any emotion, anger is a valuable tool. It can tell you where you are being violated, and what you need to do to protect yourself, to set boundaries, and change your life. Find your anger, listen to it, and use it to guide what you need to do to move forward.

I like anger. It is an energy in motion that can be used to systembust evil.

Anger is a torch of destruction that the dark side does not want you to use to destroy it. The status quo tries to train you away from it, just as it wants to train you away from all your emotions. Studies find that people who tell the truth are healthier than those who are dishonest or tell white lies. So invoke God/the Light/the Source, feel your anger, and listen to what it guides you to do.

Don't fear your anger -- use it to heal and free yourself.

Many years ago I learned from a counselor who taught me how to use anger.  She taught me a variety of exercises to plumb the energy and use it to find my next steps. Most importantly:

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