Swami Vishwananda: Alleged Rapist -- Mutmaßlicher Vergewaltiger zu Hause in Deutschland

Someone contacted me and asked me to look into the energy of Swami Vishwananda.

From what I can see, Vishwananda, born Visham Komalram in 1978, is running a demonic Reptilian system, set up to ensnare seekers into aiding the dark agenda.  For some reason, Vishwananda has chosen to operate his predatory cult out of Germany.  His system is similar to John of God's Reptilian system, promoted by porn peddler Gail Thackray.

According to a 2014 Times Live article, since the early 2000s, Swami Vishwananda has been plagued by allegations of sexual misconduct with young boys in his cult. Some victims have come forward and said they were rapedSome allegations say that these victims are minors, which if true would make Vishwananda a pedophile.  

Below is an excerpt of a follower being raped by Vishwananda:  "He then turned me around and has his way."

From www.falsevishwananda.wordpress.com

According to a 2019 article on Medium.com, Vishwananda has 16 cases of rape reported against him with the police.

According to Rational Wiki, Vishwananda was caught stealing artifacts from Catholic churches in 2001.  

Many say Vishwananda's claims to materialize physical objects, such as golden eggs, are fraudulent.

He put his hand over my head, murmured a ‘blessing’ in a different language, then claimed that I now can 'touch him everywhere.' He was very insistent on where he wanted to be touched and at this point, I was so fearful of not doing as god wishes, I must. He then turned me around and had his way. Never have I been sexually attracted to a man nor wish this to become true. I was simply brainwashed and out of fear did not want to protest against god himself.”
“Swami Vishwananda has admitted to having intimate contact with several of his brahmacharis. Several of the brahmacharis categorize the contact as “sexual” and state that they thought they were receiving “special treatment” from Swami... Additionally, Swami Vishwananda has denied having had actual sex with anyone; however, several of his victims refer to what he did to them as 'rape.'”
TESTIMONIAL:  Vishwananda puts followers hands on Vishwanda's genitals

In the below video a male follower recounts how Swami Vishwanda groomed him sexually, having the follower do massages on Vishwananda. Then one time Vishwananda grabbed the man's hand and put it on his genitals. (The testimonial in French. To translate into your languages:  1. Click on "CC" to turn on captions.  2.  Click on the "Settings" button (cogwheel), click on "Subtitles", click on "Autotranslate", then select your language.)

All of the cases show similarities. V. calls them often during the night to come over to massage him or spent time with him. Over a period of time he wins their trust, to then seduce, kiss, touch their genitals and eventually, against their free choice and will, has sex with them. It is important to understand that those individuals are young male God seekers (often new to spirituality) who are very naive acting out of respect to a guru who knows his ways. The state of brainwashed devotees of this organisation is shown in the example when some abused monks approached one of the Swamis at the ashram with a question. They asked the Swami why V. would have sex with them.”
A person molesting sexually his pupils irrespective of sexual orientation is a molestator, the individual who is kind of dark and murky, moreover there is no light inside him, but only moral decay of a fallen soul”

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