Spiritual Predators


This video discusses how spiritual predators function and what you can do to be safe.  One way spiritual predators operate is by getting people to agree to spiritual contracts allowing themselves to be harmed.

More information about how spiritual contracts work at this page.


  • Who are These Spiritual Predators?
  • What are the Methods of Spiritual Predators? 
  • Who Do Spiritual Predators Prey Upon?
  • Just What Have Spiritual Predators Been up to Lately? 
  • What Can You Do? 
  • Reset your Agreements 
  • Sign a Contract with God


Who are These Spiritual Predators?
  • They are often appearing as false prophets
  • Running cult-like systems.
  • There is usually "Front Boy" or front person ~ who pretends to be virtuous, and meanwhile has a large dark energy system behind them
  • Behind Hitler - there was a large dark energy system. 
  • WWII happened so dark energy could kill people and steal their souls.
  • In the Western world -- you generally can't be killing millions of people anymore like was done in WWII.  You can get away with it in Syria and some other dictatorships around the world, but generally not in the Western world.
  • So what does a dark system do?
  • It creates a false prophet who is a spiritual predator
  • The false prophet manipulates people into giving up their souls willingly.
  • This spiritual predator route creates no blood - and still gets control of people's souls.
  • The dark system can hide what it's doing this way.
  • The same system that was behind Hitler is operating under the guise of some false prophets currently.

What are the Methods of Spiritual Predators?

Spiritual predators typically can't use physical violence like dictators. So what do they do? 
  • They use mind control, brainwashing, hypnotism ~ they basically create a cult.
  • The dark system behind them has what I call "Collusion Software" ~ This is basically a mind-control system which effectively manipulates mass consciousness into going along with the dark system's carnage. 
  • This is what happened in WWII, 
  • It's happening in Syria
  • It's happening in the cults of spiritual predators today as well.
How does Collusion Software work? It: 
  • Creates a spiritual predator who pretends to be virtuous
  • Creates a group/mass hypnotism -- So people don’t recognize or see what is happening.  
  • Sanitizes what the dark system is doing:   It hides the truth by sealing the energy so it cannot be seen.
  • It makes people apathetic or, preferably, still worship the spiritual predator.
  • Often instills fraudulent desire in the followers - for example, the desire to surrender their money, their souls, their will to the false prophet; the desire to attack whistleblowers, or even be sexual with the false prophet. 
  • Think of the groupies:
  • Who compare their cult leader to Christ, 
  • Who can't see the brainwashing they're under, 
  • Who go bezirk and assaultive defending their cult leader 
  • Who are having sexual experiences with their cult leader
This is the spiritual predator phenomenon at work.

    Who do Spiritual Predators Prey upon?

    Spiritual predators prey upon vulnerable souls. They can  literally steal a soul and use it as an energy source.  They can suck a soul out of its body if someone's alive, they can steal it after it dies. I've seen souls in a battle for themselves as the physical body was dying.  I have seen some souls commit suicide to escape their physical bodies -- because they incapable of defending themselves. So they killed themselves to escape.

    Spiritual predators prey upon: 

    • Children
    • People with physical illnesses, desperate for a solution
    • Mentally Ill
    • Those suffering from addiction
    • Those in financial straits
    • People who are careless with their spirituality -- not paying attention, not calling in the Light/God, etc
    • People willing to give up their power to someone else to -- “I can take care of it for you. Trust me.”

    What do they do with these souls?
    • Use the souls as an energy source.
    I have also seen:
    • Souls of Animals - imprisoned and tortured -- Torture is used to extract soul energy.
    • Human souls - imprisoned and tortured; rape prisons.

    Just What Have Spiritual Predators Been up to Lately?

    Spiritual predators have been doing horrific things. There has been a carnage of the sick, weak, and vulnerable. Groupies can be affected, as well as family members, friends or even neighbors, strangers, anyone who comes in contact with them, pets, property. Spiritual predators spread their energy like a social disease. Here are a few things that have occurred in connection with these spiritual predators:

    • Murder attempts,  
    • Murders,
    • Clients dying and having NDEs,
    • Suicides,
    • Mysterious deaths ~ murder-suicides, deaths from illnesses, freak accidents,
    • Multiple illnesses and deaths in the same neighborhood,
    • Cats killed, cats disappearing, getting injured, getting illnesses and dying,
    • Dogs getting killed, disappearing, injured, getting illnesses and dying,
    • Mothers have reported their children being harmed,
    • Car accidents,
    • Fires, Explosions, People being hospitalized,
    • Injuries,
    • New health problems and pains ~ for example a spontaneous leg cramp where someone can't walk,
    • Addictions getting worse, mothers overdosing and losing their children,
    • Return to smoking,
    • Foreclosure, bankruptcies, divorces.

    How do Spiritual Predators Propagate Themselves?

    The primary way spiritual predators propagate themselves is through deception. They obtain spiritual contracts with souls and people - by deceiving them.
    Contracts can be obtained by devious methods --
    • They can be counterfeited to take advantage of people
    • They can be obtained by “hacking in” to someone
    • They can be obtained if a rogue part of the self gives consent
    • They can be obtained from a child -- affecting it the rest of its life
    • They can be obtained without full knowledge of the implications.
    Sneaky and devious are the means.  So what can you do?

    What Can You Do?  Solutions that Have Worked for Me

    I am a teacher, I am here to teach others how I have found solutions.  These are my lightworking tools, and I am sharing them so others can also learn to access the dimensions I have in order to heal and free themselves.   Donations Happily Accepted!

    Reset your Spiritual Agreements

    Here is what I have done to protect myself as I've been systembusting spiritual predators. I reset my agreements through the Universal Source.  This was like pushing a "reset button" on all my agreements.

    This is a powerful and effective process to free you from unwanted energies, attachments, imbalanced contracts, etc.  This guided meditation will reset all the spiritual agreements you may may be operating under through the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe (which I call the Highest Light or the Universal Source). This is like pushing a "reset buton" on all your agreements. It will have the effect of clearing any contracts that are not Divinely balanced or appointed. 

    You can do it on your own, or I have a guided meditation you can buy that walks you through the process.  The additional benefits of the guided meditation include:  
    • Teaching you how to command clearing and protection, 
    • Teaching you how to reset your agreements, 
    • Building your lightfield, 
    • A chapter of detailed information that accompanies the MP3 download, which details how soul decisions, personal compacts, gifts, and visitors can all affect you via contracts.

    This process in an invaluable step in becoming more sovereign over your reality. Share it with your friends and family to expand the freedom you create.

    Universal Source (Your term for this), show me the Source-Created Solution℠ for:
    • Placing me in direct connection with the Universal Source,
    • Placing a protective layer of light around myself, my life, my loved ones, and my home,
    • Clearing all non-aligned energies, known and unknown,
    • Releasing any failure to align by any part of my being,
    • Deleting and replacing all my records,
    • Resetting all my Agreements through the Universal Source.
    • Resetting all my Soul Decisions & Personal Compacts through the Universal Source
    • Resetting all my Gifts & Visitors through the Universal Source. 
    Thank you, it is done.

    Sign a Contract with God/ Universal Source (insert your term here for God)

    Signing Contract with God was what I did next to protect myself as I systembusted spiritual predators.  The Reset Meditation basically cleanses you. A Contract with God sets up an ongoing contract of safety for you after that. You can sign a contract on your own, using the language below. I also have a guided meditation you can buy that walks you through the process.  Additional benefits of this guided process include:
    • Build and fortify your connection to the God/Source/Greatest Positive Power in the Universe
    • Learn to travel to the White Level
    • Command clearing, protection, and sign Contract with God
    • Receive protection for the Third Eye
    • A chapter of information so you can learn more about how contracts work. 
    I have seen this contract bring profound changes to the souls that have signed one. Share it with your friends and family to expand the safety you create.

    Universal Source, God (Your term for this), I am signing a contract with you that you are in charge of all my contracts -
    • All my contracts are Light contracts, 
    • You appoint, author, and sign all my contracts 
    • No side contracts! No backdoor contracts! 
    • No rogue parts accepting contracts, 
    • No vulnerable parts being beguiled or broken into, 
    • According to my preferences, 
    • Indefinitely ascending on a positive, neutral or silent vibration. 
    And so it is! ~ Your signature                         

     Special Offer:  Both MP3 Downloads ~ "Reset your Spiritual Agreements" and "Sign a Contract with God" ~ $45


    Invocation and Command for the Source-Created Solution for the Session:

    We call upon the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe (your term for that) to show us the Source-Created Solution for this session:

    • In direct connection with the Universal Source,
    • In a sacred space and in connection with the Infinite Source of Positive Energy Within,
    • Source appointing all present supporting Energies, Angelic Forces, and Beings, in Source appointed patterns and roles,
    • We ask for the willingness to allow greater light into our lives, and for blocks and obstacles to be released,
    • According to our preferences,  
    • In all dimensions in infinite time,
    • With Divine Protection, default removal fully encapsulated.
    • Indefinitely ascending, on a positive, neutral, or silent vibration until completion is reached.

    And so it is, it is done.

    1. Reset your Spiritual Agreements ~ MP3 Download and E-Booklet ~ $25
    2. Sign a Contract with God ~ MP3 Download and E-Booklet ~ $25
    3. Special Offer:  Both MP3 Downloads and E-Booklets ~  "Reset your Agreements" and "Sign a Contract with God" MP3s ~  $45


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