Space Clearing

It is advisable to energetically clear your space on a regular basis, this includes things like your home, your car, your workspace, the energies connected to your computer, etc.  Below are two basic processes to assist you in clearing and energetically redesigning your space,
I am available to do space clearing and energy work on properties and land. I will teach you what to do, how to do it, and feel confident in the process. Or if you are a go-getter, use the written or guided meditation process below and charge forward on your own!

Wishing you mastery,


This process calls upon the Universal Source, Christ, the Feminine Archangels, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and many others to cleanse the energy in your home and in the land, through many dimensions of time and space. It can be used any time you would like a lift or to feel better by simply clearing the energy around you.
  • We call upon the Universal Source for the Source-Created Solution℠ for for cleansing this property of all energies, legacies, and imprints; of vibrations, energies, and beings which are ready to leave this property and return to the Light for the highest good, as guided by Christ, in all dimensions. 
  • Universal Source, show me the Source-Created Solution℠ for all persons coming to this property being called here directly through their connection to the Source, ensuring safety and peace, in all dimensions. The Universal Source reigns over this property.
Click here to listen or download.  The Earth thanks you for clearing your property! (15:40)

Golden Ray Meditation:  Clearing the Energy in your Home

This meditation will guide you through a brief process to clear the energy in your home and call in light, including:
  • Calling a Golden Pyramid around you, supported by a Golden Ray, Pure White Light, and the Pink Flame of Divine Love;
  • Placing a protective layer of light around the property and appointing an abundance of Angels to protect the property;
  • Clearing and releasing all non-divinely appointed energies;
  • Calling compatible residents and visitors to the property directly through their connection to the Source.
Click here to download or listen. Thank you for clearing your space! (15 minutes)

Additional Processes for Full Shift of Energy

I also do the following two things when preparing a home for sale to fully shift the energy and ready the home, property, and land for its next step:

  • Change the spiritual address of the home & land
  • Reset all agreements tied to the land through the Universal Source.

Do this on your own or feel free to contact me if you want to hire me to do this.  Can also be done remotely.

Problems with your Neighbors?

Problems with your neighbors?  Yes there may be reason behind this, such as they are mirroring some of your own energy back to you (total self-responsibility:  What in your own energy is creating this situation?).

But apart from that, here are a few things you can do to shift the energy, and it may result in someone moving. I  have applied these myself to problematic renters next door to my own rental property and to other homes in the neighborhood with success. Sometimes it takes several months and additional lightworking for the shift to take place, but these techniques have worked.  Know that in the end, it may be YOU that moves, if it is your energy that is the one best deemed to move on to its next step...

Steps to Shifting Non-Preferred Energy in Neighboring Homes

1.  Clear my own property and the neighboring property:  Rainbow Ray, Golden Ray, and Violet Flame clearing processes.
2.  Change the spiritual address of my home and the "problem" home.
3.  Restore any problematic or damaged ley lines on the area.
4.  Move #4 grounding wires in my home so they are less affecting residents by unwanted EMFs.
5.  Aim a mirror at the "problem" property -- this is a feng shui technique that can also be used to deflect energy and unwanted EMFs from things like power lines or transmitters.  I typically aim the mirror with a slight upward slant, and place the intention that energy from the Central Source can come in, be deflected on the mirror towards the property.
6.  Reset all the agreements at my property and the "problem" property through the Universal Source.  This includes pulling all family crest or legacy covenant energies.
7. If my property is energetically out of sync, or energetically ahead of the other properties in the neighborhood by virtue of carrying too much light, I will regularly set up modulators around my property, so that any light going out is modulated by the Source to be appropriate for any recipient (people receiving more light than they want typically react unfavorably).
8.  Reset the Earth Matrix at the property. This usually rolls to surrounding properties, and is a good way of addressing chaotic, jumbled, or non-aligned energies in the area, especially non-preferred noise or traffic vibrations.

Written Space Clearing Process

This is a process to clear your space that you can read and do on your own.  Once your space is cleared and vortex of energy anchored, it is suggested to maintain it by doing a clearing process on a regular basis.  The frequency of clearing will depend on the situation, location, etc.  Daily clearing is a really good idea.  Non-preferred or non-aligned energies can come through any conduit -- from a phone call to an out-of-balance person visting to the TV to the internet.


Invoke the Source, Christ, Angels, or any Divine Beings you wish to ask for assistance. Breathe in deeply and allow your soul to fully merge with you. Visualize a bright vertical line, tube, or tunnel of light in the center of the space you are clearing. Breathe in deeply again and visualize this column of light in connection with Source of All that Is. Some see this as an infinitely bright sun atop the column. Allow the column to extend to the core of the earth, where it anchors with the heart of the earth, which may also be visualized as a ball of light. Once the two ends connect, the Source begins filling the column with light. Observe the column solidifying, becoming crystalline, and creating a steadfast purpose for you.

Anchoring a Divine Vortex of Energy
Breathe in deeply. Allow the column to expand outward, encompassing the room you are in, creating a cocoon of light. Feel yourself included in this light. Observe a beam of light extending from the center of the column to your heart center. Bask in this energy for a moment, as you feel yourself receiving Divine sustenance and nurturance from this light. Allow yourself to become full of the light, in any color it comes. As you become full, feel the light expanding outward from your heart center to form a bubble of light all around you. Feel a sense of security in this bubble. When you are ready, observe many other beams of light emerging from the column, like spokes. At the end of each spoke is a bubble of light like the one surrounding you. These bubbles of light are spaces of healing and support for each person who may enter your space, or for anyone you would wish to imagine in them, as a form of sending light and healing.

The next step is a clearing process. Breathe in fully and sense the larger space around you, perhaps simply the house or yard, or a larger radius as feels right to you. Call upon the Source, Christ, any Angels, or guides as you prefer, to assist you by surrounding this area with a bright, silvery, radiant light. With the intention of your soul and the Source as one, consciously state: "Universal Source, I hereby command all energies which do not belong here, to return to the Light and ask what your choices are." Or more simply: "Look to the Light, ask what your choices are!" With sweeping motion with your arms, and exhaling deep sweeping breaths, imagine lifting and blowing upwards and sending everything up into the light. You may feel a need to clap your hands to shatter any remaining imprints of energy, and to blow the dust of the imprints upwards. Feel as your space clears. When it feels finished, call upon the Divine Beings you've invoked, as well as the Earth, to send healing and grounding light into your space. Ask them to also connect you to the Divine Universal Matrixes, preparing you for the next steps of your life.

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