Teal Swan's Illuminati Symbolism

On the Nature of Teal Swan's Soul & the Making of Demonic Gurus such as Teal Swan and [CENSORED!]

Many have questioned whether Teal Swan is working for the Illuminati aka New World Order (NWO).  She has used imagery which appears to be Illuminati signaling. And along with other gurus, such as [CENSORED!], Teal Swan has been a proponent for diabolical NWO values:  She justifies pedophilia, does suicide programming, and has expressed anti-Semitic sentiment.

This is a brief discussion of Teal Swan's imagery, the nature of Teal Swan's soul, and how it is that these demonic gurus are manufactured by the dark side in the first place.  The video below contains a full discussion.

Satanist Anton Lavey


Teal Swan has used some limited Illuminati imagery. As an aside, part of the NWO's agenda is to turn all women into prostitutes. Teal Swan does a good job of looking like a prostitute on a regular basis.

The apparent Illuminati imagery used by Teal Swan includes the checkerboard (Freemason imagery), the single eye, the 666 sign, the “devils horns” hand sign. Her husband at the time, Sarbdeep Swan, also made a Roc hand sign, which has been used by Hitler, Merkel, and many public figures believed to be working for the NWO.

Gloria Steinem has made the triangle Roc sign. Steinem admits she was a CIA agent. Steinem claims to be a proponent for women's rights – yet she worked for the CIA, which has been involved in the sexual slavery and torture of women and children

Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor are two whistleblowers who endured years of torture and sex slavery under the CIA's secret programs.  They both say their young toddlers were raped by George Bush Sr.

The CIA hired over a thousand Nazis after WWII. Yet “women's advocate” Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA, and has broadcast her alliance with the NWO by making an Illuminati hand sign.


Sarbdeep Swan was Teal Swan's second husband.  Sarbdeep Swan used to work for Madonna -- notorious for her many Illuminati gestures.  Madonna has even dressed as Baphomet, which is worshiped by Satanists. Was Sarbdeep Swan an Illuminati handler for Madonna, and then for Teal Swan?  Or just a naive social climber?

In a short video clip, Sarbdeep and Teal Swan flash what appear to be Illuminati handsigns.  Teal appears to flash a "devils horns" hand sign, disguised as an ASL "I love you" sign; Sardeeb holds his hands in a Roc handsign, which was also made by Hitler.  In the clip, Teal Swan also looks at Sardeep's hand sign shortly before she makes her hand signs. Her glance at his hands suggests that she is aware of what he is doing, and that they had talked about it.  Sarbdeep Swan appears to have coached Teal in this incident of Illuminati signaling.

Teal and Sarbdeep's handsigns.
Was Sardeep Swan an MK Ultra handler for Teal Swan? Or is he just naively copying what Madonna presumably taught him?  Perhaps Sarbdeep can provide some more information.

Ralph Smart, who has made videos with Teal Swan, has also made some Illuminati gestures.


Sarbdeep posted a website about Teal Swan. His exposing Teal Swan has made him a little darling to many. His posts are well written, and pose a thoughtful analysis of Teal Swan's fraud.  Typically Illuminati handlers would not spill the beans on their chattel. 

Sardeep has since taken it down, likely under pressure from anti-free speech Teal, who has harassed other whistleblowers. -- but you can find it archived here:


Demonic gurus such as Teal Swan and [CENSORED!] often claim to be “gifted.”  But what’s typically going on is basically just a form of demonic possession. The dark side invades them as children, then these so-called "gifts" are the dark side operating through them.  
The Dark Side Can Trick You with the Truth

The dark side can pose as spiritual leaders, appearing to disseminate truth. Psychics can obtain some truth through the dark side.  But any "truth" disseminated by the dark side is typically copied, then disseminated to bait people into its trap:  Gain people's trust, then take advantage of them.  This video shows a clip where [CENSORED!] describes how the dark agenda uses the truth to bait people, which is exactly what he does:  He offers a bit of the truth, gains people's trust, gets them into contract, then proceeds to take advantage of them.

Secondarily, any "truth" offered by the dark side will be incomplete, dated and/or inaccurate. So even if a dark agenda psychic reads you:  The information he will have, if not incorrect, will be second hand. It will not come directly from God, but will be obtained from some other source, and as such will be incomplete, dated and/or inaccurate.  Sometimes the dark agenda also lies to people to gain their consent. So if a dark agenda psychic tell you there is disaster ahead:  This may actually be an attempt to gain your consent for a disaster to happen.

Thirdly, anything that comes from the dark side comes with a spiritual contract, binding you to the dark agenda.  Even accepting a reading from a dark agenda psychic can put you in contract with the dark side.  (Information on protecting your Spiritual Contracts here.)

Teal Swan's Dark Agenda Spiritual Contracts

People have questioned whether Teal Swan is involved with grey aliens.  I believe that is the case. From what I can see, Teal Swan has spiritual contracts with many dark agents.  She may or may not be aware of the spiritual contracts she’s signed:
  • Satanic contracts 
  • Luciferan contracts 
  • White Zeta Contracts (Zetas are a Satanic Race, often called “greys.” White Zetas are the ruling elites of the greys.)
There is nothing good about Zetas, they are not real souls, they are manufactured souls. White Zetas are Satan’s Warriors -- Satan’s First Line of Defense. I have heard another dark agenda agent have talked about these Zetas, who are desperately seeking to ensnare the planet in slavery once again.


From what I can see, Teal Swan belongs to a rogue league of Pleiadians who joined with White Zetas. She is not an “arcturian” as she fancies. She is not working with God, she is in alliance with the dark agenda and its agents. She was being groomed for a larger role -- but that has been thwarted by the fact that she’s being exposed. Thank you those who have been systembusting her!  By the way, you are not Teal Swan’s victims -- you are her systembusters and are doing a great job.


I would like to discuss how these demonic gurus are made, the mechanism whereby some of these demonic take-overs occur.  

The demonic agenda’s goal is to get ahold of someone at a young age -- as young as possible. This usually happens though through abuse, which makes the child more vulnerable. Then while the child is deeply vulnerable, the demonic agenda manages to get the child into contract.  Yes, a child can be manipulated by the demonic agenda into spiritual contact at a very young age.

For example, I believe that [CENSORED!] was severely abused at age 4. After that, I was shown that Beelzebub came and comforted him.  Accepting Beelzebub’s “comfort” at age 4 got him into contract for the rest of his life with the dark agenda.  The dark agenda can be very devious and plotting. Something similar likely happened with Teal Swan -- at a young age, at the height of vulnerability, the dark agenda managed to get control of her soul

Then once the dark agenda has someone in spiritual contract, it proceeds to invade and occupy the spirit: It makes the physical body a puppet, a vessel for the dark agenda. The dark agenda  proceeds to chart the life of the future demonic guru, so they can be agent for the dark side. Any "psychic" ability they have is a result of the dark agenda's information, which is incomplete and comes with predatory spiritual contracts.

And as adults, of their own free will, neither Teal Swan nor [CENSORED!] have sought to undo this dark agenda ownership of them.  Instead, both Sajady and Teal Swan have been active proponents for the dark agenda:  Advocating for anti-Semitism, justifying pedophilia, encouraging suicide, advocating for demonism, etc. There’s no way they are working for a good cause. They are agents for the dark agenda.

The same process of getting ahold of the souls of children is used to create despots, dictators, and other influential dark players around the world.  Do know that the dark agenda preys upon everyone:  It is seeking to get control of you and your loved ones as well.  And prior to age 6, the spirit is most vulnerable to being possessed and controlled.


In conclusion, Teal Swan is in league with the dark agenda. She advocates for their platform: Death, abuse, tyranny. Her handler Sarbdeep Swan came and posed her in an Illuminati-friendly position. From what I have been shown, she works with demonic aliens, and has been orchestrated since a young age to promote their agenda. The point is we want these demonic agents to be stopped, and at some point in their lifestreams, to be redeemed.

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