Healing Devices

I have found all of the below tools to work and indeed assist in creating healing energy.  Just like an individual's energy needs to be cleared regularly, physical objects need to be cleared as well.

To avoid incurring any unnecessary spiritual contracts when you buy a healing object, ask the Source/God to reset and/or clear any spiritual contracts associated with the device.

It is possible to test tools before you buy them to see if they will be worth it. Sometimes I use this technique to access the energies without having to buy the product at all.  First print out an image of the item. Then place the intention or write on the sheet:  "Universal Source, show me the Source-created solution for receiving the benefits of and understanding this tool. Thank you it is done," or something like that. Then place a candle or LED light behind the item, or tape the image in a window, allowing the light to shine through the picture (plain white paper will do; if you use a light powered by electricity, it is suggested you clear the energy in the electric lines first).  The photons that pass through the image will carry the vibration of the image on the paper, in combination with your intention to receive and understand the benefits of the item.  This has allowed me to make the determination several times as to whether something is worth purchasing or not.
~ Theresa

Radionic Analyzers

I offer Radionic Healing Sessions. Visit my Radionics tab for further information.  

Click here for my paper,  "Source-Created Solutions in Radionics."

Radionic devices work. They shift energy via shifting the frequency of the recipient.  Once you learn how to use them, you will surprised at the wonderful things you can create through shifting the frequencies.  Europe has a flourishing community of knowledge around these and their effective use in human healing. But the American medical ideologies are often threatened by alternative approaches, and the FDA has forbidden their use for human applications to "diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent" any disease. So that tells you something.

Kelley Research currently manufactures them, www.kellyresearchtech.com, The Conschohocken Meetup Group in Philadelphia has made them and teaches how to use them, www.meetup.com/radionics. And there are other seminars and classes available to learn how to use them.


Plain old pyramids work. Studies show that plants grow faster and more abundantly under a pyramid. I have one on top of my refrigerator, and my food lasts much longer. I also sleep under one, and it improves my sleep.

BioGenesis Tools


This company makes healing tools, based on channelled information from a being called Lantos:
 In February of 1999, Lantos gave Cindy Kroger detailed instructions on how to build a
"Genesis" device, a pyramid-shaped device which a Harvard-trained mathematician later verified was designed precisely with the same proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Lantos said this device would be used to energize various materials, such as glass, which would be used to give Light and healing to the people. 
Lantos continues to visit Cindy two or three times a week.  He approved, and even redesigned, the glass pieces Cindy obtained from a German glassmaker, and told her the purpose of each piece and how he wanted each piece named and "trained" in the Genesis Device.
I own some of their tools, and they do carry a charge and a healing energy.  I bought the above tool, and it did have a nice energy to it. When I dropped it and part of the tip cracked, it wasn't as strong afterwards.


These are stone formations that appear in many locations around the world.  Stonehenge is a very famous version.  The Vikings would construct three dolmen in a triangular pattern, and dowsing has discovered that areas outside of the triangle had heavier concentrations of unfavorable earth-rays.
Here is an excerpt about dolmen from the book Geopathic Stress, by Eva. St. Claire and Peter Carlton:
"Many researchers believe that the reason the Vikings became such strong people and such a powerful force, was the fact that they knew how to neutralize the part of the country where they lived ... from unhealthy geopathic stress.  In most cases, the Vikings placed three large standing stones with an extra large stone resting on the top.  The top stone was lined up with remarkable precision with the other top stones, to form a triangle with the other stones....  Fairly recent dowsing tests revealed that these dolmens attracted harmful earth rays, leaving the area within neutralized and completely clean.  When the area outside of the triangular patterns of dolmens in Denmark and Sweden was tested, heavy earth-ray concentrations were found." (p. 8-9)

Erim Device

Designed by Italian Scientist Pier Luigi Ighina   
Concentrates the Magnetic Rhythm Solar and Earth Energies

An Erim I made
This device concentrates the magnetic rhythm of the sun
and the magnetic rhythm of the earth.  It was designed by Italian scientist Pier Luigi Ighina. I have made several of these devices, because I have found them useful in applying them to my  lightwork.  The device tends to act like  a portal, making it easier to download solutions and energies to this dimension.

The device to the right has a ring radius of about 11 inches.  Pier Ighina's device appears to be about a 6-inch radius.  I  have made one with a radius as large as 4 feet.

I have made one of polished steel, and even though it is unfinished and unpainted, it still has an energy.  I find that the larger the radius, the greater the energy.

If this type of energy source interests you, I suggest you make one of your own.  They do work and have added much much energy and potency my lightworking abilities.


This great secret was discovered by scientist Pier Luigi Ighina of the International Center of Magnetic Studies, Imola, Italy. ERIM is a small apparatus that concentrates and develops the Magnetic Rhythm Solar Earth Energy, regenerating cells and returning them to normal functioning, with all its attendant benefits.

Pier Ighina

ERIM's properties are determined by its characteristic shape. The three yellow spirals pointing upwards concentrate SOLAR ENERGY. The three blue spirals pointing downwards concentrate EARTH ENERGY (please note that we are referring to the Earth's 'bioenergy'or 'prana'). When these two energies converge or, more correctly, when the direct solar positive energy converges with its negative reflection from the Earth, they produce a wave on the green spirals called the SUN-EARTH MAGNETIC RHYTHM. Within this rhythm or pulse, the rhythms of everything existing on Earth - both animate and inanimate - are enhanced.



An Erim will normalize and balance cells and cleanse the energy of a room.


You can imagine putting an intention into the Erim, such as picturing your intention in a ball of light and putting the ball of light

Where to Place an Erim

Ideally, ERIM should be placed in the bedroom so that it can act overnight, but it can also be effective almost anywhere (although it should be kept about 10-20 cm away from walls). At the beginning, to accelerate the process of cellular balancing, place your hands about 10-15 cm from each side of ERIM with your palms turned towards and at the same level as the green spirals. The time required will depend upon individual sensitivity.

Other Uses of an Erim

If you have hot water central heating, you can place ERIM about 10 cm from the boiler with the green spirals parallel to it; the circulating water will carry information throughout the system and cleanse rooms within a few days.

To energize water and return it to its original, natural state place a bottle of water at each side of ERIM, about 10-15 cm from the green spirals.

ERIM can also energize foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables and meats by placing them level with, and about 10-15 cm in front of the green spirals,(using a non-metallic support, if necessary).

Flowers placed close to ERIM will keep fresher longer, or will blossom sooner than normal.