Radionics Sessions
I bought my first Radionics Analyzer in 2014, and I found they worked so well in shifting energy that I bought a second one. While I have yet to find a magic wand, I have found Radionics Analyzers to be tremendously effective in shifting energy and situations. I have been lightworking for nearly 30 years, and I have found these devices to work great in combination with everything else I have learned. I am offering healing and manifesting services using my Radionics devices. These work to shift energy!
For  more information on how I use and apply radionics devices, visit my document, "Source-Created Solutions℠ in Radionics."

Radionics Can Assist in Many Areas
  • Physical , Emotional , and Spiritual Healing
  • Calling forth a Soulmate or Love Connection
  • Healing Relationships
  • Parental Guidance
  • Healing Polarized Conflicts or Personal “Wars”
  • Clearing Issues with Money
  • Setting Frequencies for Abundance
  • Manifesting Your Preferences ~ Health, Career, Finances, Relationships  
  • Clearing the Energy in Homes & Environments

Radionics Sessions
Fine air tuner condenser, used in Radionics devices
I incorporate the use of my Radionics device into my healing and teaching sessions.  Radionics devices contain fine air tuner condensers.  These were used in the earliest radios to tune in the frequencies and stations.  So a Radionic device, along with select reagents to assist, is tuning specific frequencies into you or the situation to be healed.  The device I use contains four condensers.  I also call in angels, guides, and the Light to work through the device. We work more through the soul level than the physical level to create change, which allows for greater changes over time.   For more information about my sessions, visit here.

Radionics devices are said to work via scalar energy.  Tesla proposed that two types of energy exist:  Scalar and electromagnetic.  He defined scalar energy as "radiant" energy, and felt that was the primal force of the universe, whose energy didn't dissipate over time or distance.   This post describes more about scalar energy.   While your'e there, watch the video that shows how cell phones cause coagulation of blood (which eventually equals heart attacks), and how an EMF-blocking mylar patch impregnated with scalar frequencies blocks the coagulation.  (A mylar pouch would do the same thing.)

"Why am I not healing or manifesting what I want?"
Sometimes for healing or manifesting to occur, blocks need to be removed. As much as you may intend for something to happen, there may be something in the way.  Sometimes something may not be Divinely appointed, or there may also be spiritual contracts blocking you. Visit here to learn more about spiritual contracts.


Europe has a flourishing community of knowledge around Radionics and its effective use in physical human healing. But in the United States, there is a great deal of institutional resistance to the use of Radionics and other alternative modalities for healing purposes. For that reason, enjoy the following disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER:  Discussion or publication of the ideas, theories, concepts, descriptions, processes or instructions of Radionics in no way represents or constitutes a claim that any service offered by Theresa Nygard, nor any other scalar, radionic, psychotronic, or free energy device, can have a positive, negative or any other impact on human health, or is in any way a replacement for or supplement to the advice or treatment provided by local, state and/or federally licensed medical and other commonly recognized allied health care professionals. Federal law states that only a medical doctor and/or prescription drug is/are able to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure disease. All information and all correspondence verbally, via email, brochure, letter or otherwise does in no way make any claims to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any ailment, affliction, suffering, or disease that any person(s) have had, currently have, or will have in the future. It is always recommended to discuss with your medical doctor prior to making any changes in diet, nutrition, supplementation and exercise. If you are in need of medical or mental health care please contact a licensed professional.


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