Simple Transport Rack to Haul a Sliding Glass Door with a Ranger

This worked for me. A neighbor built me a simple rack with a framed space of 6" to slide the glass door in.

The guys at the store loaded it, then I stabilized it with foam and pillows and tied it down. I drove about 45 mph the 30 miles home and made it just fine.

I probably could have gone faster, but there was a side wind.

Another way to make a rack is to use a few pairs of 2x4s at an angle out of the bed of the truck, meeting each other at about halfway up on the door, where you screw them in to the nailing fin or part of the door where it won't be seen.  Then you anchor  a few pairs of 2x4s from the side of the bed to the door, so the base won't move.  Then tie it down and anything else needed to secure it.

The rack had a 6" framed space where the door could be easily loaded.

The vertical posts anchored in the post holes in the tops of the cargo bed. These posts were 5' tall.

I could easily watch the door through the rear view mirror while I drove.

Fitted End

On the ground, up side down.

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