Protect Yourself from Nanobots, Smart Dust, Chemtrails - By Refusing Consent & Cannabis Leaf

I really don't use much of anything to affect my state of mind. But this morning my guidance told me of a benefit of pot that probably hasn't been heard of yet -- protecting you from what are called nanobots.   I have heard about pot having anti-cancer properties, but I hadn't heard of blocking nanobots.  This information gives me something to think about.

Fembots or Nanobots

People who have escaped from the Secret Space Program talk about what they call fembots or nanobots, which they say travel into the quarks of the atoms in your DNA.  The Secret Space Program kidnaps people and sadistically tortures them to "train" them for secret military missions, which are run by the New World Order's dark agenda. (Just a word of caution about SSP survivors.  They can bring back valid information. But many of them are still in contract with darkness, and not yet choosing to be fully in contract with the Light. So while I consider their information, I refuse any dark contracts that may be coming through them.)

These fembots travel in a spiraling fashion, plowing through your DNA, destroying your DNA &/or programming you to be controlled by the dark agenda controllers.  They can move kind of like a cube in forward motion:

Nanobots can cause a myriad of diseases, such as mad cow disease, Creuzfeldt Jakob disease, auto-immune diseases, flu symptoms.  Nanobots can be used to track you, as so called "smart dust"  -- to know what you think and feel, and to program you so you can be a robot for the New World Order.

Fembots are delivered through chemtrails.  I live in a remote area -- and I have started seeing chemtrail spraying.  An accidentally released NASA document  corroborates nanobots they are delivered through chemtrails, talking about nanobots and smart dust as a "wholly 'new' class of weaponry which is wholly legal."

Harold Kautz Vella describes nanobots as synthetic RNA.  In his video Black Goo, Chemtrails - Real Proof he effectively covers much information about smart dust, synthetic RNA, chemtrails, including the metaphysical background of the demonic black magic, parasitical/Luciferan nature of these energies.  

A definition from Technopedia claims that nanobots are only in research and development yet, but that is not true according to people who have been in the Secret Space program.  The Technopedia definition confirms that nanobots can be used to affect your DNA:
"They are expected to do specific tasks at the atomic, molecular and cellular level....Nanobots can be considered to be a machine version of a bacteria or virus... They are adapted to perform at the atomic level. They are expected to be autonomous in nature and powered by a small cell or battery, or even solar cells."

While nanobots may be used to treat cancer -- Secret Space Program survivor James Rink points out that they can be used to cause cancer too. (James is a great systembuster, but he still is not differentiating between who is in contract with the Light and dark on his show.  So you really have to discern who he is promoting on his platform, as the person may actually be a recruiter for the dark agenda, and may put you in contract with the dark side, such as Miesha Johnston.)

Recently Madonna released a video called "God Control", which pushes gun control, and which also has a refrain about not smoking pot. (By the way there is a correlation between gun control and dictatorships.  I believe the NWO is fomenting the current gun climate and crimes in order to disarm the America population to control us.) If Madonna is advocating against pot, why isn't she advocating against all drugs -- opiods, meth, hallucinogens?  No, just pot.  I generally don't advocate for drug use.  But Madonna has heavy Illuminati connections, everything she says has to be evaluated as an Illuminati message. The Lucerifan Illuminati cult worships Lucifer -- it seems like she might well have titled her video Lucifer Control, because that's her god.

Protecting Yourself from Fembots and Nanobots

First and foremost:

1. Refuse Consent & Protect your Spiritual Contracts.

The dark agenda of the New World Order always seeks to get your consent to get a spiritual contract with you to harm you.  Many times you can be giving consent without realizing it, such as by watching a fictional movie and being silent, not objecting to what occurs in the movie. That is a default form of consent. I have posted more about how to Protect your Spiritual Contracts  

2. Ask and Intend the Removal of and Immunity from Nanobots with your Divine Source  

Place the intention that any nanobots within you are cancelled, removed, and replaced with Divine Intention, and that you are immune.  Here are free guided meditations you can use to place that intention.  If you place the intention to reprogram dark agenda nanobots, you can encounter issues with attempting to negotiate with dark energy.  Best to just remove them.  Science might use them, but I'd proceed with caution.  

3. Take Care of your Body and Health

Next, take care of your body and health.  I have posted some general Health Tips that I have used, below are a few that are good for cleansing.   
  • Probiotic Fermented Juices:  I have started fermenting my own juices. I have noticed that I drink less water, as does my cat, and this processes the sugars I eat into beneficial bacteria. I drink some everytime I eat carbs.
  • Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite:   Good for cleansing toxins from the body
  • Iodine: Good to clear radioactivity and to activate your metabolism, which quickens healing.

4. Medical Cannabis / Marijuana

I haven't used much pot in my life, and I have helped people who have dealt with serious addiction. But it does appear that cannabis does have various medicinal properties, protection against nanobots being one of them. My guidance showed me that consuming cannabis leaf helps block  and/or removes any nanobots and helps make you immune.  They said that eating some live pot leaf works best. CBD oil won't work, the element that helps you is in the psychoactive agent. Here is what they suggested for dosages for up to a 150-pound person:
  • Live pot leaf:  Approximately a 3" leaf daily
  • Dried pot leaf:  About 75% as effective as live pot leaf
  • Smoked pot leaf :  About 50% as effective as live pot leaf
I researched cannabis seeds, and found a company that focuses on heirloom organic seeds, Swami Seed.  My guidance indicated that the best strains from them to counter nanobots are:
  • Durban Bubble x Bliss
  • Blue Orca Haze
If you have more information about other seeds with high integrity to share with others, please post that in the comments.

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