Why I No Longer Use Stevia

I used to use stevia as a natural sugar substitute.  In the past 10 years it has But I have since found out it is an endocrine disruptor (as are all other sugar substitutes, such as aspartame).  One author reports that her period stopped while using stevia, and that is has been known as a contraceptive. A study found that men's endocrine systems were affected as well.

Your endocrine system is too important part of your overall well being to interfere with, so I no longer use it.  Instead I have been using coconut sugar, which is low glycemic.

Other artificial sweeteners can also be problematic.  It's as though your body reads these fake sweeteners as poisons, and sets up immediate elimination.  Xylitol can stimulate clearing the intestines in a matter of hours.  Maltitol can do the same thing, as can sweeteners like amulose.

Stevia does have health benefits.  According to one study it has anti-cancer properties.  It also has  anti-biotic properties, which may help if needed, but also may result in decreasing beneficial bacteria in your gut.

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