Soft Disclosure

Soft Disclosure Definition

This notion stems from the theory of hard versus soft information. "Hard" information can be proven, whereas "soft" information may contain misstatements.  This paper defines soft disclosure in business as forecasts, unaudited statements, and press releases.

In metaphysical/UFO/conspiracy circles, soft disclosure can have a few definitions.  It may mean an unproven statement, like above, that may not be accurate. Sometimes it is also used to mean that if someone is talking about something to you, they are disclosing it. So if a cult leader says, "This is how a cult works..." and he proceeds to name of a dozen characteristics of cults -- he is disclosing that this is what he is doing.  Here is how cult leader Mas Sajady deviously gains consent from people -- by discussing what he's doing as though he's not the one doing it.

Another example of soft disclosure is the an admission that UFOs exist from a government official -- will often raise the question from conspiracy circles:  Is this soft disclosure above the government being involved with aliens?

Using Soft Disclosure to Hides One's Agenda and Obtain your Consent

There appears to be a loophole in our local universe that says talking about something (ie, soft disclosure) can be sufficient for disclosing one's true agenda. So a cult leader talking about his modus operandi in the third person -- is able to gain consent to prey upon people by simply talking about it. He's talked about it -- you've been disclosed to, even though you may not consciously realize it. This loophole allows dark entities to prey upon a naive humanity. I believe obtaining consent this way is constitutes deception.  The agenda is hidden, not truthfully disclosed.

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