Systembusters Paradise

Planet Earth is a Systembuster’s Paradise. There are limitless opportunities to sow the light in recalcitrant situations. The reward is high, the purpose is Divine. That’s why many souls answer the call to undertake these missions.

Many people are Systembusters without realizing it. Many souls have placed their existence with precision and care, designed to confront dark systems, while the individual may only have a glimmering of this purpose. A call has been placed that this information reach those it would benefit. The fact that you found this page is no coincidence.

A spiritual teacher of mine once said that everyone you encounter is in your DNA. Ethel also said, “If only you knew how much concentration it takes to grow a blade of grass.” There is far more purpose and design to the ordinary existence than most of us realize.

As much as people may feel victimized by their situation, do realize:  People have often incarnated into that specific situation and encountered the specific people they did to Systembust them. You have more ability to change your circumstances than you realize.

You’re not a victim … You’re a Systembuster just getting a handle on your power.

Systembusters' Tools

If you find yourself stuck – continually behind the 8 ball, buried beneath a health issue, in some type of war, imprisoned by the system in one way or another – there are ways to influence physical reality according to your preferences. This is the skill of manifesting, which is learning to affect the formative energies in your life, in accordance with the Divine Source.

These are the Systembuster’s Tools, and for eons many of them have been buried or blocked so humans don’t get use them. You too can access them to change your reality:
The most important tool of all is your ability to connect to your Divine Source to find your own answers and solutions directly. This ability to access that Unlimited Source of Power is what all other tools are based upon. You can develop this ability, you can travel to other Divine Dimensions, you can create solutions that will materialize in physical reality.

The time has come that humanity once again access the full knowledge of Creation that has been hidden from us. You are Sovereign. In that ability you can access all that is your Divine Birth Right.

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I am a systembuster who stands in the Light. I work with Christ and God, who work to defeat dark energy. If you don't prefer to use Christ, ask God/the Divine Source/the Greatest Positive Power to appoint you a helper. This video discusses how and when you are setting up spiritual contracts, and how you can reset your contracts to be safe. Visit here for information on how to “Sign a Contract with God."


Mas Sajady and many so-called gurus are actually spiritual predators. I made this video to catalog all the damage I have seen from Mas Sajady and the dark system that operates through him. There have been many deaths and suicides of Mas Sajady clients, not to mention many sick and suffering clients, and many other problems assocdeath cultiated with the Sajady cult.


Here are some of my latest videos. Find all of my videos posted on my Bitchute Channel. Some of my videos are posted on Youtube, but Youtube is crook friendly, and has banned several videos.

Youtube Channels:


Mas Sajady uses his claim to be a "healer" to grope women.  At the same time, he hooks into their sexual energy. Women have come forward talking about feeling spiritually raped by Sajady.

Unfortunately, Sajady also gropes children. Sajady and his handler/alleged mistress Fei Zhou have ties to pedophilia and post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing.  No parent should allow Sajady near their children.

Teal Swan gave an interview to Mas Sajady, and both of them dug themselves very deep. They both justified pedophilia.  Teal Swan and Mas Sajady have parallel diabolical agendas:  They both do suicide programming,  have expressed anti-Semitic sentiment, and have done Illuminati signaling.  


Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou are running a death cult, which seeks to drive people to their deaths.  Sajady has also admitted his black magic is killing people, saying people “cross over faster” because of him.
That is murder.

There are many alleged mysterious deaths surrounding Sajady and Zhou, including those of his clients, his relatives, neighbors, and strangers.

Read more here.


Death sacrifices are something that black magic agents try to call in to pay off their demonic debts.  Sajady employee Kaille Padgett has had many deaths during the time she has worked for Sajady.

Padgett is Mas Sajady's "public relations" employee. Padgett has has publicly used the term "slave b****" to refer to the women exposing Sajady, and made other defamatory statements.   This video discusses whether she has experienced death sacrifices due to Mas Sajady's black magic.


 This video plays the recording where Mas Sajady actually says, "I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe." God, the Light, is not a "dark source." But demons are, so are Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, the Anti-Christ. By his own admission, Mas Sajady works with demons, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, the Anti-Christ...

In detail, if someone says they have "dark sources that help" them -- they have contracts with dark energy and are working with and via dark energy (demons, black magic, dark leagues, the Anti-Christ etc). While novices might dismiss his comment or accept justifications for working with "dark sources", experienced light workers and anyone truly connected to God know this is a massive red flag. There is no need for anyone working with the Light to ever call upon dark energy or demons for assistance.


Someone asked me to look into Amma, the "hugging saint."  There is an abundance of  evidence Amma is not the saint she claims to be.


Facebook's censorship is a bona fide problem for many who are living with the rights of free speech granted by the First Amendment. Many people's rights of free speech  have been violated by Facebook and other tech companies, who appear to be implementing the New World Order agenda.  My material exposing the Sajady cult has been censored by Facebook, Google, Youtube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Wordpress, and others.  This suggests that all of these mainstream tech companies are pro-pedophilia, pro-crook, pro-New World Order.