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"Minister" 'Mas Sajady, sex cult leader

Sajady advertised himself as a “loving husband” — while cavorting with numerous alleged mistresses, including Fei Zhou, Jane Sibbett, Joy Sela, and others.

Sex cult leader Mas Sajady, alleged cheater.

Sajady’s wife divorced him in 2017 amid numerous allegations of affairs.

Sex cult leader Mas Sajady and alleged mistress Joy Sela.
Alleged mistress Joy Sela.
Sex cult leader Mas Sajady and alleged mistress Jane Sibbett
Alleged mistress Jane Sibbett.



Sajady is believed to be a —  FORBIDDEN SPEECH!



Fei Zhou is another one of Mas Sajady’s alleged mistresses.


Zhou markets herself as “Mistress Fei” on her Google+ account.

Sex cult handler Fei Zhou markets herself as "Mistress Fei."

Zhou markets herself as a “concubine” aka prostitute on her dominatrix-titled website For some reason, Zhou felt the need to deny to the police that she’s a prostitute, despite the fact she markets herself as such. Her statements are played in the below video.

FORBIDDEN VIDEO: FEI ZHOU DENIES SHE’S A PROSTITUTE TO THE POLICE | posted at Minds • Bitchute • VK • Youtube 1   Youtube 2

Prior renditions of Zhou’s website featured herself advertising her “services” with a naked or straightjacketed woman in boots.

Zhou made this depiction, which has themes of prostitution and – FORBIDDEN SPEECH! DANGER!



Mas Sajady cites Hitler’s biography as an “influential book”, from



Both Sajady and Zhou are essentially pathological liars, and act like sociopaths when it comes to defrauding the public.

Sajady’s long list of lies includes: Being sued by his bankruptcy trustee for lying and hiding assets in 2009; magically having $400,000 in cash to buy a house in 2011, when two years before he claimed he was bankrupt; claiming he graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1986, when the U of M has no record of any such graduation.

Zhou’s long list of lies includes: Having an alleged affair with Sajady; suing a whistleblower for calling her a prostitute when she markets herself as one; operating out of numerous aliases and fake accounts; plagiarizing material to promote their fraud; buying over a million fake likes for Sajady’s Facebook page; using these fake-like farms to harass the whistleblowers.



Sajady and Zhou have sued whistleblowers in two failed lawsuits, abusing legal process in the attempt to rob the whistleblowers of their Constitutional rights of free speech. Other whistleblowers have talked about being harassed by Sajady and Zhou in retaliation for speaking out.

Below is a video where Sajady again calls the police. His employee Alina Janssen basically pleads with the police trying to get a protester arrested for exercising her First Amendment rights.

VIDEO: ALINA JANSSEN DEFENDS SAJADY TO THE POLICE forbidden!| Posted at Bitchute • Minds • VK • Youtube

When abusing legal process has failed to silence the critics, Sajady and Zhou have resorted to harassing them on social media, continually abusing censorship flagging systems in the attempt to get the information exposing them taken down.



Sajady and Zhou have an extensive assortment of shady associates. Most notable is Gary Perisian, of the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. Perisian has insisted on continuing to promote them long after being warned and aware of their nature. This video covers some of the facts about Gary Perisian and his corrupt dictatorship at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

VIDEO:  LHSC President Gary Perisian’s Dark Secrets | Posted at:  Bitchute • Minds • Youtube



There are multiple adverse news articles about Sajady and Zhou’s cult. Here are a few:

Star Tribune Article: Complaint puts New Age healers on Minnesota regulators’ radar

  • March 2017. Information about the investigation of Mas Sajady by the MN Department of Heath

City Pages Article: How Mas Sajady’s Believers Healed his Bank Account | Archived Here

  • March 2017. Information about Mas Sajady lying to the court.

City Pages Article: ‘A breast man, from what I’m seeing”: 7 moments from Mas Sajady’s podcast after Prince’s death |

Archived Here

  • March 2017. News article revealing the creepy nature of sex guru Sajady.


Just in case you have any remaining questions as to Mas Sajady’s character, here are excerpts from Mas Sajady’s profanity-laced sermon at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, July 26, 2019.


Systembusters Paradise

Planet Earth is a Systembuster’s Paradise. There are limitless opportunities to sow the light in recalcitrant situations. The reward is high, the purpose is Divine. That’s why many souls answer the call to undertake these missions.

Many people are Systembusters without realizing it. Many souls have placed their existence with precision and care, designed to confront dark systems, while the individual may only have a glimmering of this purpose. A call has been placed that this information reach those it would benefit. The fact that you found this page is no coincidence.

A spiritual teacher of mine once said that everyone you encounter is in your DNA. Ethel also said, “If only you knew how much concentration it takes to grow a blade of grass.” There is far more purpose and design to the ordinary existence than most of us realize.

As much as people may feel victimized by their situation, do realize:  People have often incarnated into that specific situation and encountered the specific people they did to Systembust them. You have more ability to change your circumstances than you realize.

You’re not a victim … You’re a Systembuster just getting a handle on your power.

Systembusters' Tools

If you find yourself stuck – continually behind the 8 ball, buried beneath a health issue, in some type of war, imprisoned by the system in one way or another – there are ways to influence physical reality according to your preferences. This is the skill of manifesting, which is learning to affect the formative energies in your life, in accordance with the Divine Source.

These are the Systembuster’s Tools, and for eons many of them have been buried or blocked so humans don’t get use them. You too can access them to change your reality:
The most important tool of all is your ability to connect to your Divine Source to find your own answers and solutions directly. This ability to access that Unlimited Source of Power is what all other tools are based upon. You can develop this ability, you can travel to other Divine Dimensions, you can create solutions that will materialize in physical reality.

The time has come that humanity once again access the full knowledge of Creation that has been hidden from us. You are Sovereign. In that ability you can access all that is your Divine Birth Right.