Systembusters Paradise

If you think about it, this planet really is a Systembusters Paradise.  There are limitless opportunities to systembust evil.

Many times Systembusters have taken on issues that were not necessarily theirs to begin with in order to systembust them. You may have incarnated into a difficult set of circumstances in order to systembust them. Not because you are fundamentally flawed.

The New Age movement, just like churches, has often been infested with the dark agenda.  For example, the notion that somehow people have manifested something as "karma", or because the situation actually reflects their "vibration", is often used to blame and immobilize lightworkers.  The fact is, many many souls have incarnated into difficult circumstances in order to systembust them.  There has been a universal call to this planet for souls to come and incarnate into difficult situations to systembust them.  You may be one of those souls that responded to this call.

One thing I often find with my clients is that they are actually systembusters.  As much as they may feel victimized by their situation:  They have often incarnated into that specific situation and encountered the specific people they did to systembust them.

Anger is a very important energy for a systembuster. Learn to find your anger and let it guide you to what you need to do next.  Often people who are depressed are blocking their anger.  Your anger is telling you something, and it is a very powerful tool for change.

Humor is one of the best elements of systembusting.  Nothing gets a crook more than making fun of him.  This video was banned off Youtube by sex pervert Mas Sajady and handler/alleged mistress Fei Zhou, who I have been heavily systembusting.  Sajady and Zhou post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing, among other egregious red flags. This video is rap of Sajady claiming he's not a pedophile.  Now why would something like this bother him so much?

Here is one of my favorite cartoons of Sajady.  Systembusters are like bait to the dark agenda. Ultimately, the dark agenda is outrivaled.

Systembusting  Mas Sajady has taught me many ways to spiritually protect myself and others.  Sajady and his demonic system have launched one dark attack after the next upon myself and other systembusters.  But I have kept up my mission, and learned many more ways of how to Divinely protect myself.

I offer healing sessions and classes, the goal always is to liberate you and help you be more empowered to change your reality.

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