Who am I?

As a Systembuster I have a special gift for rattling cages.
But there is Liberation in fearlessness, there is a Divine Ecstasy released when evil is taken down. That is the authenticity of my being.

Many years ago I found a belief in spirituality, which I had lost when I was young. Since then, I have gone on to heal myself of various things and develop an unshakable confidence in myself.  I have developed a connection with the spiritual world, based on working with Light.

I have grown immune to anyone who moves against me, to public censure, to social disapproval.  I live in a knowingness of the Divine Truth within me, and I operate from there freely, regardless of whether anyone else understands or accepts it. I have found the freedom to live as myself. Authenticity is an in-the-moment experience, and that liberates me to be who I am in every moment, in a state of non-judgment and self-acceptance.

I have studied a variety of modalities, and continue to expand my lightworking and systembusting reach on a daily basis.

To this day, I typically lightwork for a few hours daily.  That means I go into a meditative state, connect to the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe (which I call the Universal Source) and ask what to do to accomplish my given intentions.

I WORK WITH THE LIGHT.  I am of Christ Consciousness.

I have felt the Divine Ecstasy that happens when old systems break apart so the Divine Light can come back in. I choose this ecstasy over any limitation that others would choose or attempt to choose for me. I know the Divine Ecstasy that makes up my being and continually expands in our corner of the Universe.

Won’t you join me, in bringing in and unleashing this ecstasy in every moment?

 ~ Theresa and All her Spiritual Assistants

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

Feedback from Clients ...

“I really feel the difference. I want to thank you for what you do.”
~ Tanster

"You are the first person in my 38 years to help me with the nightmares and the dark energies that used to just follow me. I feel so alive and happy now." 
~ Melissa N., Winsted, MN

"My life, I think, has been changed forever. Perhaps the darkness that others found, behind the door, was my past. I have Angels. Thank You."
~ Pattie H., MN

"I just completed the meditation with the singing bowl and I was filled with Kundalini rising from my sacrum all the way up to my Crown Chakra! I couldn't keep still. It was awesome! I love what you are doing and subscribed to your newsletter! Thank you for all your offerings. I will continue to use your products and meditations for spiritual growth and shifts.
"In Love & Light, Cynthia", New York

"It was an awesome meeting! I can't wait to meetup again! Just one of the best evenings!"  
--Dana T, Shoreview MN

"Thank you very much for the awesome meditation and the very helpful insight."
 -- Kathleen M, MN

"I’m a believer in your ability. FYI - You’re amazing."
-- Shelley C, Sauk Rapids, MN

I'm just amazed at what you were able to pick up from picture I sent of Todd.   When I spoke to him he actually used the same phrase you did that he holds his cards close to his vest because of the nature of work he is in.  And he said not until he really gets to know someone does he reveal very much."
-- Dolores G, Santa Fe, NM

"Thanks so much Theresa.  You are the best.  Your level of understanding is phenomenal."
--Erica, Minneapolis, MN

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