Who am I?

Many years ago I found a belief in spirituality, which I had lost when I was young. Since then, I have gone on to heal myself of various things and develop an unshakable confidence in myself. I have developed a connection with the spiritual world, based on working with Light and only the Light.

I have studied a variety of modalities, and continue to expand my Lightworking and systembusting reach on a daily basis.

To this day, I lightwork for several hours daily. That means I go into a meditative state, connect to the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe (which I call the Universal Source) and ask what to do to accomplish my given intentions.

I WORK WITH THE LIGHT! I am of Christ Consciousness!

There are those who do not make this claim, and are working with darkness, even though they may pretend otherwise.

Here is an article I wrote in 2010 that gives a pretty good grasp of who I am.

Authenticity in Every Moment

When I was in my mid-twenties, I had a dream that I was chained in a narrow causeway, hunched over, and a family member was pouring gasoline on me. He took a match and lit me on fire, while two other family members simply watched, condoning the experience.

At that point in my life, I was being kicked to the curb, disinherited and accused of being in a cult because I attended a new age church. Various people stabbed me in the back, betrayed me and placed darkness where there was light.

I was deeply injured at that time by the betrayal of the people closest to me. Since then, I have gotten myself re-inherited, spoken my peace and moved on to a place of wholeness. Now I know I cannot be harmed, no matter what anyone else does or thinks or says. The people who stood against me are reaping what they have sown. In a state of detachment, I know it is not my responsibility to offer them any more "information."

Routinely in my life, I have been met with situations or people who attempt to affirm I don’t exist, because they aren’t willing to accept the information I am bringing.

Now I regard it all as a comedy. I have grown immune to anyone who moves against me, to public censure, to social disapproval. I live in a knowingness of the Divine Truth within me, and I operate from there freely, regardless of whether anyone else understands or accepts it. I have found the freedom to live as myself, and let others enjoy the fruits of their own reality. Authenticity is an in-the-moment experience, and that liberates me to be who I am in every moment, in a state of non-judgment and self-acceptance.

The Divine Universe has put out a call to many souls to come to this aspect of creation – our galaxy, our solar system, our earth – to anchor in changes to realign this corner of creation with the Divine. In her book Bringers of the Dawn, Barbara Marciniak discusses system busters, those who have come here to bust apart systems several hundred thousand years old; systems that ban, bar or block the Divine Light from coming to the planet. I am one of these people.

The actions I take can be as small as placing a phone call, which I know will render more than a few people unhappy, or as large as publicly confronting an organization in which politics and dark energy are attempting to block the light.

My dreams are a good source of information for me, and I often wake up after an informative dream, knowing what I need to do. Recently I had a dream where I saw a series of storage lockers. Some were white, some were black; there were more black than white. I knew the dream was referring to an organization that was heavily invested in dark energy, and I knew I could be the person to shift the balance towards the light.

I have come to the awareness that my life purpose has been about “servicework at all costs.” This has meant that friendships, family, jobs, material security, etc., have taken a second place to anchoring light on the planet. This has meant that my life has appeared to have little external purpose for decades. In lieu of typical support structures, I have become my own bastion, a rock of solidity.

I have felt the Divine Ecstasy that happens when old systems break apart so the new Divine Light can come back in. I choose this ecstasy over any limitation that others would choose or attempt to choose for me. I know the Divine Ecstasy that makes up my being and continually expands in our corner of the Universe.

Won’t you join me, in bringing in and unleashing this ecstasy in every moment?

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