Clearing Colds and Cancer with Hydrogen Peroxide

Quick Tip: Using a spray bottle of peroxide on a sore throat as soon as you sense it has worked many times for me to get rid of colds. 

Cancer -Free After Treating Well Water with Hydrogen Peroxide (HOOH)

I used to go visit a farmer to buy organic raw milk.  

The farmer told me how many years ago their well had become contaminated, so they started treating it with hydrogen peroxide. Around that time his mother had been diagnosed with cancer. This was in the fall. They were told she wouldn't make it to Christmas.

But few months later -- his mother was much healthier, dancing on New Year's Eve, and later found to be cancer free. The farmer believes his mother recovered due to the peroxide.

The farmer buys peroxide by the gallon to treat his well, and all the animals receive the peroxidated water too.

Hydrogen Peroxide's Cancer-Inhibiting Properties

Peroxide has been studied for its cancer-inhibiting properties. Peroxide can be used to alkalinize your body, because cancer thrives in an acid-heavy system, where the blood and the organs are flooded with processed salt, sugar, animal fat and artificial food. (1)  Excess acidity is correlated with conditions such as brittle bones and nails, type 2 diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. (2) 

When you research peroxide, the medical profession generally condemns it, and people have taken too much peroxide (usually accidentally) and been harmed. However, you don't typically see the medical profession saying much about simply alkalinizing your body, benefits which include better immune health, greater bone density, easier weight loss, decreased likelihood of type 2 diabetes.  (2) 

For myself, I bought 12% food-grade HOOH and added a few ml. to every gallon I drank for about six months.  I have noticed the difference in how it creates an alkaline environment in my body.  For example, teeth regrow dentin better in an alkaline environment, sensitive teeth can be reversed.

After about 6 months, I found my body didn't like the peroxide as an alkalinzer.  This may have had something to do with the production of the HOOH. So I am researching other ways.

There are pH drops you can buy (pH7 is neutral, alkaline drinking water is typically in the 8-9 range).  Baking soda can be used to alkalinize your water.  Borax, which contains boron, can also be used.  Studies  have shown that boron also offers natural healing for arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth decay, candida.  Get some pH strips and experiment with what your body likes.  

My guidance tells me that two 1000 mg. capsules of vitamin C a day will accomplish the same thing, and have added nutritional value.  

Peroxide has other countless uses, such as use as a disinfectant, mouth rinse, cuts, in baths, in laundry as an environmentally-friendly bleach-substitute (think Oxyclean).  

How to Make your Dog Throw Up Something He Ate

If your dog eats something that you need him to throw up, put 3% hydrogen peroxide in a turkey baster and put it down his throat.  He will upchuck pretty soon.

Use Food Grade Peroxide -  It Has No Chemical Stabilizers 

Most of the peroxide you buy at the store has stabilizers in it.  But it is necessary to use peroxide that does not have stabilizers in it, called food grade peroxide. Stabilizers will inhibit what peroxide can do for your body, in addition to being another toxic chemical your body doesn't need.

Here are some options to obtain food-grade peroxide:

Curing or Blocking a Cold with Hydrogen Peroxide

I recently blocked a cold before it started once again. I woke up in the middle of the night, noticed the sinuses feeling dry, my temperature was warmer than normal. So I got up, drank a few glasses of water with a teaspoon in each,  as much as I could stand.  I went back to bed, I could feel my sinuses becoming better, and my sinuses and throat were clear by morning.  

Then to help the cold fully cure, I drank some more peroxide.  For a few days I drank alot of orange juice, some pro-biotic fermented juices, took alot of vitamin C,and ate light fare.  I could feel my temperature was a little it warmer for a week plus.  After about a week, I thought it was clear and went out for a vigorous hike. Then the cold  started to come back. So my immune system needed all of my energy for about two weeks to clear it.   

So it occurred to me to write a post about using HOOH to beat a cold before it starts.  I do this routinely any time I sense a cold coming on.  It works most of the time, as long as I get to the cold as soon as I sense it.  It has also mitigated colds if I get to it a little bit late. 

Just like a cold can be felt coming on in the sinuses or throat, I can also detect if my temperature is raised. An easy way I do this is by pressing my lips together.  When the top part of the upper lip and bottom part of the lower lip touch -- I can feel if my temperature is higher than normal, these two areas feel warmer than normal; hence there is an immune response going on.

1. Spray Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide

I used this for another cold and it worked for me. I had gotten to the cold late, and my throat had gotten sore, to the point where it hurt to swallow. 

  • I made up a spraybottle of about 1.5% food-grade peroxide, and sprayed my throat
I sprayed my throat every few minutes - and in about 20 minutes my throat wasn't sore and I could swallow fine.  This also broke a fever, and cleared up some hoarseness. I still had to clear the rest of the cold, but this broke the cold and let me heal quicker.  

I periodically sprayed my throat through the day, and kept the spray bottle by my bed at night if needed.

For another cold, I had to use the spray bottle for about a day, then periodically for a few days after that.   I also did all of the other regimen, such as Vitamin C, pro-biotic juices, and light fare.  And I didn't catch cold.  The nanobot colds are much stronger, and I  have had these colds try to come back if I haven't kept treating myself for a few days.

2. Drinking Peroxide in Water 

This has worked many times for me to clear colds before they start. It will probably also help lessen a cold which has progressed:
  • Put 1 tsp. food grade hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water
  • Drink every half hour or hour until no longer needed.

3. Inhaling Peroxide

You can also inhale or spray food-grade peroxide in your lungs or nose. It will sting momentarily if it hits an infected spot, so consider using a diluted percentage, perhaps 1% or 0.5%.  But it does help kill infections in areas that can't be reached through your mouth.  Remember:  OTC peroxide has stabilizers, and you don't want to inhale or swallow OTC peroxide.

4. Gargling with Peroxide

If you don't have food-grade peroxide you can also gargle with peroxide.

5. Neti Pot

If there are any neti pot users out there, I am interested to know if you try HOOH and how it works for you. Because it can sting if it hits infected spots, perhaps consider a lower concentration of 1% or 0.5%. 

6.  Peroxide in Humidifier

If anyone tries this, I'm interested to hear how this works for you.

7. Megadoses of Vitamin C

Large doses of vitamin C may also help.  Dr. Frederick Klenner sucessfully treated patients with a myriad of issues with aggressive vitamin C megadoses. 

Nanobot Flu

This section discusses nanobots, which are programmed infectious agents. There is alot of evidence that there is an agenda afoot to exterminate humanity. Protect yourself and your family -- remember to Refuse Consent!  

Now in this particular case above where I awoke up in the middle of the night sensing a cold coming on, I was dealing with a “superbug.” I could clairvoyantly see that after the bug didn't make it past my immune system, since I had blocked it with peroxide, it mutated into a superbug. It formed itself into a cubic crystalline shape, a nanobot, using the toxic chemicals they spray upon humanity as chemtrails to kill us. The cubic shapes I saw looked something like the image on the video below.

The video discusses how I was shown that pot can counteract nanobots. While I personally don't use pot recreationally and don't like the effect it has on people, apparently it does have medicinal value for this purpose.  

(When you watch this video on Youtube, Youtube had posted a note below it, intended to deny chemtrailing is happening. This is despite the fact that the government has admitted it multiple times, such as in the case of CIA director John Brennan admitting to chemtrailing.)

Back to my experience with this superbug. The goal of this superbug is to kill humanity; and particularly to go after those who have stronger immune systems. After the superbug transmuted into a nanobot, it started transmitting out to my body, to set up three crystalline, cubic centers.  The first location was at the shoulder, the second at the heart, and the third still transmitting out to find a location, perhaps the other shoulder or another spot where it felt it could optimize its ability to kill me.

These cubic, crystalline nanobot centers would then act like IUDs, which continually create an irritation on the uterine wall and cause it to continually tremor. The crystalline nanobots would cause a continual tremoring, whose goal was to transmit out death matrix to the body, eventually killing it.

So when people “die” of flu, they are usually dying of this nanobot flu, whose goal is to exterminate the population.  

In my case, we cleared all three and the original superbug/nanobot. God had asked me to go pick one up so I could send it back to God for dissolution.

This was just one of several nanobot flus I have encountered.

What do You Need to Do to Protect Yourself?


Secondly, protect your spiritual contracts. You can be giving consent without realizing it for disaster and mayhem to happen your life, and that of your loved ones.  Here is information about how to protect your spiritual contracts.  

Third, take responsibility for your body and your health. Protect your health and your immune system.

Last and always, stay in tune with God for Divine Protection and to help determine your Highest Good. That's how we will all fight and defeat the dark agenda that's afoot.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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