Source-Created Solutions℠

Source-Creates Solutions℠ are about creating from the Center of the Universe.  There is an Infinite Source of Wisdom and Power that has a Cosmic Creation Energy that you can call upon to create your preferences. This can also be called God/your Higher Power/t Greatest Positive Power in the Universe.

Before you even ask for something, the solution already exists, already created at the Center of the Universe.  You then call forth your solution from this Divine Source to the physical dimension.  Calling them forth from this Godhead is the most whole, most complete, and most inclusive way to manifest.

One way of calling forth a solution form the Divine Source into the physical dimension is to place it at a future point of time.  Then command that is is released backwards through time, passing through all dimensions, until it meets you in the present moment.

Those who are strong in prayer are already calling forth from God in a strong fashion.  The Source-Created Solution  process give you additional tools to manifest your preferences from the Divine Source to the physical world.

Here is the general form I use to make my commands:

Universal Source, show me the Source-Created Solution for _______________________:
    • According to my preferences,
    • Indefinitely ascending on a positive, neutral or silent vibration until completion is reached,
    • With Divine Protection, Default removal fully encapsulated.
Thank you, it is done.

The below videos discuss the process more, and also guide you through calling forth the Source-Created Solution
  for your life.

Video:  How Sound Heals and How Source-Created SolutionsTM Work

This video explains more about Source-Created Solutions  and some of the physics behind sound healing. 

(With some computers, the deep resonant sound of the bowl may make it hard to hear my voice. If so, you can try using headphones. If your speakers distort the sound of the bowl, turn down the volume and you may be able to hear my voice more clearly.)

Video:  Meditation to Call in the Source-Created SolutionTM for your Life

This video is a brief meditation to energize the Source-Created Solution  for your life. 

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