Source-Created Solutions℠

 A Source-Created Solution is the metaphysical idea that before you even ask, the solution already exists. If this is the case, let us command to be shown the solution, and once we see the solution, let us command that the solution is released, passing through all dimensions, until it meets us in the present moment.

Basically I use this form to make my commands:

Universal Source, show me the Source-Created Solution
 for _______________________:
  • According to my preferences,
  • Indefinitely ascending on a positive, neutral or silent vibration until completion is reached,
  • With Divine Protection, Default removal fully encapsulated
Thank you, it is done.

The first video below explains more about Source-Created Solutions  and some of the physics behind sound healing.  The second video is a brief meditation to energize the Source-Created Solution  for your life. 


Video:  How Sound Heals and How Source-Created SolutionsTM Work

(In some computers, the deep resonant sound of the bowl may make it hard to hear my voice. If so, you can try using headphones. If your speakers distort the sound of the bowl, turn down the volume and you may be able to hear my voice more clearly.)

Video:  Meditation to Call in the Source-Created SolutionTM for your Life

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