Spiritual Sovereignty

Spiritual Sovereignty is the idea that everything that happens in your life comes from you.  It is a point of empowerment:  So if you created that difficult or horrendous situation, you have equal power to uncreate that situation and create something you prefer.

While this notion of total self-responsibility if presented, there are different levels of "you."  For example, a soul may say that it wants to experience the full spectrum that humanity has to offer -- including all forms of hell such as torture. But when that soul is inhabiting a physical body as a Spirit and experiencing these things, there can be a divergence of viewpoints, such that the Spirit and the Soul are no longer aligned in their intention. The Spirit, indeed, may feel it is more a victim of the Soul than an empowered participant.

Theoretically, everything that happens on earth happens by consent.  But realistically, this is not always the case. Things do happen without full consent. And the Soul giving consent and the Spirit giving consent can be two entirely different issues.

While there are problems with these notions that the Spirit or Soul are entirely totally self-responsible for their destiny, as a vibration, spiritual sovereignty is the strongest vibration I have found to clear issues and free one from difficult or non-preferred situations.

So apart from intellectual understandings of what the energy may be, simply utilizing it as an energy can be extremely helpful in spiritual healing and clearing.

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