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I took the Awakening your Lightbody Course from Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I learned some exceptional lightworking skills, and had a very great teacher who taught manifesting and lightworking at upper dimensional levels, Suzy Black.

However, Sanaya Roman (not her real name) worships Lucifer. She routinely recommends Alice Bailey, who worships Blavatsky -- known Lucifer worshiper. She also promotes the Lucis Trust, which is Luciferan. Here are archives of Blavatsky's "Lucifer" magazine. Bailey and Blavatsy are in contract and service to Lucifer, who serves the anti-Christ. They present Lucifer's deception that Lucifer works for the Light. Deception is the hallmark of the dark side.

Sanaya claims she works for the Light, however she is worshipping dark teachers. That puts her in contract with the dark side. Accepting Sanaya's teachings will put you in contract with Lucifer.

Duane Packer has never renounced Alice Bailey or her teachings, and he is in contract with Sanaya Roman (they are no longer a couple, but have a business together). Accepting Duane Packer's teachings will also put you in contract with the dark side.

What can you do?

You can protect your spiritual contracts. Once learning of the spiritual contract I had signed in order to gain the lightworking skills I needed, I reset it and cancelled it. I know someone who has left the system, and had many deaths in her family. These spiritual contracts are predatory, and often demand the death of someone. The dark overlords have held the keys eons. While I obtained some keys I needed, I did so at a great cost. However, I will be preparing materials that people can buy to learn the same things and be spiritually protected. For now, I have some free guided meditations you can use, and some guided meditations to protect your spiritual contracts you can buy.

I do not recommend Luminessence or any of their teachings, as they will put you in contract with the anti-Christ.

Luminessence References to Alice Bailey & Lucis Trust (Started as Lucifer Publishing Company)

Sanaya promotes not only Alice Bailey, but also the Lucis Trust on the pages below. The name Lucis derives from Lucifer. Alice Bailey started a publishing company called the Lucifer Publishing Company. On popular disapproval the name was changed to Lucis Publishing Company.
Quote from the above page:
"The above  information about the Wesak festival is adapted from the writings of Alice A. Bailey, published by Lucis Trust Foundation.  To read more about the Wesak Festival, visit the Lucis Trust website.  You can read even more about the legend and ceremony involved in celebrating the Wesak Festival of Light."

The below page also promotes the Lucis Trust twice, along with Luciferan Alice Bailey:

Sanaya promotes and/or quotes Alice Bailey on these pages:

Advertiser References to Alice Bailey

Sanaya Roman's biography, in which she pushes Alice Bailey, is all over the internet. Here are a few examples.

Links for More Information

Video: Lucis Trust. Luciferians In The U.N.

Question: Do You Recommend Not Using Luminessence Product?

Somebody sent me a question, asking about Luminessence products, saying that their products  didn't seem shabby, they hadn't gotten bad vibes from them, and asked if I would recommend not using them

I Do Not Recommend Using Lightbody Products

I recommend not using Luminessence products at the current time. I have discontinued using them for a few years now.  The spaces they take people to are great -- however these are what can be called "farmed" spaces. 

"Farmed" Spaces

I was clairvoyantly shown that when I was using a Luminessence meditation, I was in a sealed sphere, a specific world of energy, that was set by the controllers.  There can be beautiful, peaceful, harmonious energies.

However, these beautiful energies were in many ways farmed off others to create that space, then farmed off me when I created the same energies, used to lure in new recruits. 

And even worse, around that sealed world I was in, on the outside, the energy you create is also being harvested and used by the Luciferan agenda.

Who are the Controllers?

Who exactly the controllers are I haven't looked into yet. I surmise they may be beings working with the Light, however, their product is compromised by Luciferan contracts.  And neither Sanaya or Duane are publicly addressing this issue.

I Do Not Recommend Using Lightbody Products

I do not recommend using these products at the current time, as they will put you in contract with Lucifer, and that is what Sanaya Roman wants, and Duane Packer has made no public statement against Sanaya's god.. 


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