Lightbody Discussion - Luminessence: Sanaya Roman, Duane Packer

Video:  Listen to Lucis Trust President say,

"It is Satan who is the only God of our planet and our only God."
(p. 233, The Secret Doctrine vol 2. by Helena Blavatsky)  


I heard that Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, not her real name, have been  working on addressing the issues discussed here. Please check back later for an update, I think they are moving in the right direction. Thanks to both of them for doing this. 


I took the Awakening your Lightbody Course from Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I learned some exceptional lightworking skills, and had a very great teacher who taught manifesting and lightworking at upper dimensional levels, Suzy Black.

However, this modality will put you in contract with Satan and Lucifer.

Sanaya Roman (not her real name) says she works for the Light, but she is knowingly in league with Satan and Lucifer.  She routinely recommends Alice Bailey, whose Lucis Trust is Satanic/Luciferian.  Listen to the short quote in the above video where Lucis Trust officials say:  
"It is Satan who is the only God of our planet and our only God."

Sanaya Roman certainly knows of Alice Bailey's Satanism/Luciferianism.  Luminessence has dealt with this issue before, and I emailed her asking her about this issue (see below).

Lucis Trust promotes the most ancient deception:  "Lucifer/Satan is a good guy, he's here to help."  The below post on the Lucis Trust website praises Lucifer as a "light bearer" who made "great sacrifice." 

Sanaya Roman has appears to have been deceived, and chooses to remain so.  I do not recommend doing anything with Luminessence at this time, as they will put you in spiritual contract with Lucifer/Satan.

Lucis Trust says Lucifer's a good guy.

For Those that Don't Believe in Dark Entities

Even if you don't believe in Lucifer or Satan etc, the question that is before you is: 
If the dark agenda/Lucifer/Satan did exist -- Would you consciously give consent to it?
Whatever your belief is, ask your Higher Power to confirm your belief for you.

Alice Bailey (Lucis Trust)

Alice Bailey started publishing company in 1887 called the Lucifer Publishing Company The name of the magazine was apparently to pay sympathy to the devil: 
"In 1887 the magazine of the Theosophical Society took 'Lucifer' as its name in an effort to bring clarity to what it regarded as an unfairly maligned sacrificing angel."  
Popular disapproval caused Bailey to change the name to Lucis Publishing Company. 

You do have to question where Sanaya Roman's loyalty to Alice Bailey
comes from. Perhaps she thinks she's Alice Bailey reincarnated.

Helena Blavatsky (Theosophy)

Bailey was a follower of Helena Blavatsky, also a known Lucifer proponent. Here are archives of Blavatsky's "Lucifer" magazine.  Bailey/Blavatsky are in contract and service to Lucifer, who serves the dark agenda.  Lucifer serves Satan. Bailey/Blavatsky are little more than propaganda agents for Lucifer.   

In her book The ABCs of Globalism, Debra Rae says that Hitler read Blavatsky.

Below is an excerpted quote from  Blavatsky's book Secret Doctrine.


The excerpts can be found in Volume 1 and Volume 2 (the PDF document has different page numbers than the actual document).

"Holy Satan." (vol 2, p. 233, PDF p. 251) 
"It is not only one of the most hidden secrets of Nature ... the ' Fall ' of the Angels, as it is called. Satan and his rebellious host would thus prove, when the meaning of the allegory is explained, to have refused to create physical man, only to become the direct Saviours and the Creators of 'divine Man...' " (vol 1, p. 193; PDF p. 243)  Thus 'Satan,' once he ceases to be viewed in the superstitious, dogmatic, unphilosophical spirit of the Churches, grows into the grandiose image of one who made of terrestrial a divine man... (vol 1, p. 198; PDF p. 248)  It is ' Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god'."... (vol 2, p. 234; PDF p. 252)  Satan, or Lucifer, represents the ... ‘ Centrifugal Energy of the Universe ’... (vol 2, p. 245; PDF p. 263)  This ever-living symbol of self-sacrifice for the intellectual independence of humanity..." (vol 2, p. 507; PDF p. 524)

Sanaya Roman's "Divine Will" Series is Based on Blavatsky's "Seven Rays"

Luciferan Blavatsky wrote about a "seven rays" belief, Alice  Bailey did the same -- and Sanaya Roman has as well.

Sanaya Roman's "divine will" series sells "seven qualities" that are basically the same as those described by Blavatsky and Bailey.

Alice Bailey's Seven Rays

Sanaya Roman's Seven Rays

I Believe Sanaya Roman Knowingly Backs Lucifer and Satan

This issue of Satan/Lucifer worship not a new controversy in the organization.  The person who brought this to my attention was an early student of Sanaya and Duane's who had been with them for many years. She left Luminessence amid a controversy where this Lucifer issue was brought to Luminessence's attention around 2009. 

However, Sanaya and Duane continue to promote Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust on their website. That is why I am warning you about them.

"Placing Light Out" -- Gives it to Satan/Lucifer

Frequently at the end of Luminessence meditations, both Sanaya and Duane mention "placing out your light."  This refers to dispersing the light you have brought back from the upper dimensions. 

However, since both Sanaya and Duane are in contract with Satan, and since they never specify where the light is to go:  By default it is scooped by by Lucifer and the dark agenda -- who are hungry for light since they never go to God to get it.

When you "place your light" out -- always specify that God/your Higher Power direct where it is to go.  Otherwise most likely it will be stolen.

This picture makes Sanaya look quite shorts,
she might be sitting down.  She is actually 
relatively tall, perhaps 5'10 or 5'11".

My Emails with Luminessence about the Lucis Trust & Lucifer

In 2017 emailed Luminessence to ask the to clarify their position on this issue.  I specifically mentioned Lucis Trust's promotion of Lucifer.

In her response, Sanaya implicitly condones Alice Bailey's teachings, saying "take whatever is useful to you and let go of anything that is not."  She fails to reject Luciferianism, and continues to sell Alice Bailey on her website:  Sanaya Roman is in spiritual contract with Lucifer.

I sent them a follow-up email asking about Duane Packer's position on Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust ideas.  All they said was, "Duane has never expressed an opinion on the Alice Bailey work, he has not studied it."  

Duane Packer has not rejected or renounced Alice Bailey, her teachings, or Lucifer, and he is in contract with Sanaya Roman (they are no longer a couple, but have a business together). Duane Packer's remiss response means he is continuing to aid the Luciferan agenda.

Not satisfied with those responses, I sent another email several months later to fully clarify their positions.

Here is their response. They said that "Sanaya and Duane, and Orin and DaBen do NOT play with lower or negative entities."  This is good, because their intention is to work with the Light/God.

They also claim they have "never" worked with dark energy and have "no contracts with dark energy beings."   That claim seems to be a bit difficult to accomplish, if one of the parties is recommending Luciferianism, and the other party is in contract with the first party.

They restate their intention to work with the Light, which is good. 

However, it appears that Sanaya Roman has been willingly deceived and is in denial about that. She is unwittingly acting as a dark agenda agent.

My point  here is to warn you that accepting Sanaya or Duane's teachings will put you in contract with the dark agenda.

I do not recommend Luminessence or any of their teachings at this time.

What can you do?

You can protect and reset your spiritual contracts
I have some additional free guided meditations you can use as well.

Once learning of the spiritual contract I had signed in order to gain the lightworking skills I needed, I reset it and cancelled it. I know other people who have left the system.  One had a death and mayhem as a result of signing the initial contract. The other had several deaths upon leaving. These spiritual contracts are predatory, and often demand the death of someone. The dark overlords have held the keys eons.  While I obtained some keys I needed, I did so at great cost.  

Luminessence Promotion of Alice Bailey & Lucis Trust 

Luminessence promotes Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust in four places on their website.

This first page on the Luminessence website promotes the Lucis Trust twice:

Quote from the page:

"The above information about the Wesak festival is adapted from the writings of Alice A. Bailey, published by Lucis Trust Foundation. To read more about the Wesak Festival, visit the Lucis Trust website. You can read even more about the legend and ceremony involved in celebrating the Wesak Festival of Light."

This second page on the Luminessence website also promotes the Lucis Trust twice, along with Luciferan Alice Bailey:

This third page on the Luminessence website promotes Alice Bailey:

This fourth page on the Luminessence website quotes Alice Bailey again.  Alice Bailey's claims for "light" should raise cognitive dissonance in anyone as she concurrently promotes Lucifer.  While Bailey appears to propound moving from "darkness into light", she also speaks about moving from "separation into unity." A cry for unity or that "we are all one" are programming statements often used by the dark agenda -- which wants to control everyone under one umbrella.  It is not clear who these "great ones" Sanaya Roman is calling upon. They may very well be Lucifer and others.

Comment from a Former Luminessence Student

Below is a comment from a former seed group member. I remember when taking the Lightbody course having a sentiment similar to this comment below:  That they don't suggest any form of Divine protection. I was just talking with another Lightbody grad who mentioned the same point.

Question: Do You Recommend Not Using Luminessence Product?

Somebody sent me a question asking about Luminessence products, saying that their products didn't seem bad and that she hadn't gotten "bad vibes" from them. She asked if I would recommend not using Luminessence products. Here is my response.

I Do Not Recommend Using Lightbody Products

I recommend not using Luminessence products at the current time. The spaces they take people to are great -- however these are what can be called "farmed" spaces and will put you in contract with Lucifer. I can no longer use Luminessence products, as I feel the "farmed" energy that is going on and how I am being used to produce light for the Luciferian system.  I have discontinued using them for a few years now.

"Farmed" Spaces

I was clairvoyantly shown that when I was using a Luminessence meditation, I was in a sealed sphere, a specific world of energy, that was set by the controllers.  There can be beautiful, peaceful, harmonious energies.

However, these beautiful energies were in many ways farmed off others to create that space, then farmed off me when I created the same energies, used to lure in new recruits.

And even worse, around that sealed world I was in, on the outside, the energy you create is also being harvested and used by the Luciferan agenda.

Who are the Controllers of these Farmed Spaces?

Who exactly the controllers are I haven't looked into yet. I surmise they may be beings working with the Light, however, their product is compromised by Luciferan contracts.  They may be Light entities like Orin, Daben -- and Lucifer and other dark entities. Neither Sanaya or Duane are publicly addressing this issue.

Tainted Library

I do not recommend using these products at the current time, as they will put you in contract with Lucifer.  That appears to be what Sanaya Roman wants, and Duane Packer has made no public statement against this, he is condoning the dark agenda she is promoting.

They will both probably have to redo the entire body of their work, as all of the meditations are likely tainted.  Their meditations were created in specific timeframes with certain entities allowed to be present and harvest energy.  I don't think it would work to go back and cancel all contracts and salvage the time-energy spaces -- because they are all contaminated.

At a seminar I was at Sanaya and Duane talked about their meditations being of use on the earth plane for 400-500  years into the future, and that as more people did the meditations an energy was created around them that grew stronger and stronger. 

If an energy around these meditations grows stronger and stronger -- that means that Lucifer and the dark agenda are gaining more energy to harvest.

I am not willing to stand by to watch Lucifer propagate and farm his dark agenda off lightworkers for another 500 years.

Lucis Trust in the UN

The Lucis Trust has ties to the UN.  The Lucis Trust supports the UN, and runs a program called "World Goodwill" which is recognized by the UN.

The UN is also the custodian for a meditation room in the UN, which has much dark agenda symbolism.  This first video analyzes occult symbolism in the meditation room and at the UN.



 In addition to the U N, the Lucis Trust has also sponsored, among others. the following organizations:
  • Greenpeace International
  • Greenpeace USA
  • Amnesty International

Advertiser References to Alice Bailey

Sanaya Roman's biography pushes Alice Bailey. It is published all over the internet. Here are a few examples.

Links for More Information

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