Healing & Teaching Sessions

Are you committed to working with the Light?

Do you want to learn effective skills at shifting your reality?

Would you like to learn more lightworking tools so as to more effectively shift your reality?

Do you feel bound by energies you cannot shift?

Do you feel there are issues affecting your soul that you have been unable to clear?

Do you question if there are unnecessary spiritual contracts that have been weighing you down?

These are all my specialties. I have studied and pioneered a variety to lightworking tools to successfully shift my own reality and have used them to help others liberate themselves from what binds them. I am available to share these tools with those who are interested in becoming more powerful in creating change through their connection with the Light/God/Source. The Private Sessions I offer typically include elements such as researching information about your spiritual contracts, Akashic records, the creation of your soul, soul groups, leagues, and how this local universe operates. I have studied and practiced lightworking for nearly 30 years. I have learned techniques to shift people at the soul level and issues affecting the lifestream of a soul. I have cleared issues around a soul's creation. I have learned how to protect and clear spiritual contracts. I have learned how to spiritually protect myself and others while Systembusting dark energy systems.

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These sessions are a window of opportunity for you to change.  The sessions can ask for active commitment and engagement, so you can reap the most benefit.  Also, most often the Universe holds us responsible for shifting what is in our power to do so.  

Sessions are $250, and last about an  hour and a half.  Please Contact Me to request to purchase.  The Divine World of Spirit appreciates your choosing to work with God.  Thank you!  

"I have to say that since our session, I am feeling much lighter and happier for no apparent reason as the days go forward....:)"       --T, Connecticut
I focus on Spiritual Sovereignty -- which is a term for building your autonomy and power as a Light-Committed Spiritual Being.

I focus on Total Self-Responsibility.  Everything in your life comes from your spiritual contracts, your soul commitments, your lifestream, your energy field, your vibration, your daily choices.  You have the power to shift what you are experiencing.

Learn how, as a spiritually sovereign being, in a state of total self-responsibility, you can start affecting the many levers influencing your reality on the earth plane.

I have created many changes in my own life and others.  I have Systembusted very dark anti-Christ systems on a regular basis.  The techniques I will teach you I have learned as a means to manifest, heal, Systembust, and keep myself safe at the same time.

For those ready to step into Full Responsibility, I offer healing and teaching sessions to teach you what I know.  Today is the day for change!

Spiritual Contracts

Private Sessions will typically uncover several key spiritual contracts governing your life, and they will be reset or cleared as the Source appoints. You were born with spiritual contracts.  Incarnational spiritual contracts often concern life purpose and expectations for you given the choice by your soul to incarnate.   The family line you were born into may carry contracts that you are required to accept, but are not necessary for you.  While traveling through your life, you can enter into additional spiritual contracts, and some of these can be to your detriment.  You can be blissfully unaware of what you have agreed to, even when calamity strikes.   Spiritual contracts can be unfair and predatory; they can also be rightful and balanced. Read more:  Spiritual Contracts.  

Akashic Records
There is a Hall of Records that governs the keeping and storage of records in our local Universe, primarily our galaxy.  Records are continuously kept of every moment of every being in our galaxy.  These records are sometimes called Akashic records.  Like a library there may be additional information drawn from other dimensions as needed. There are records available that contain information about your soul, its creation, your life stream. These records can be accessed to help shift and heal your reality. Typically my Private Sessions include information from several records, for the express purposes of healing and clearing your energy.  These records are like a living energy that need you to consciously recognize or process them so that you can release them.  

I have found Radionic Analyzers to be tremendously helpful in shifting energy and situations.  I incorporate the use of my Radionics device into my healing and teaching sessions.  Radionics devices contain fine air tuner condensers.  These were used in the earliest radios to tune in the frequencies and stations.  So a Radionic device, along with select reagents to assist, is tuning specific frequencies into you or the situation to be healed.  The device I use contains four condensers.  I also call in angels, guides, and the Light to work through the device. We work more through the soul level than the physical level to create change, which allows for greater changes over time.  


Upon sign up for a session, your soul is given access to the Healing Dimensions I work through.  The first night it is recommended that you do some prayer and meditation before sleep to ask that you get brought to the Healing Dimensions that are for your Highest Good.  Sessions tend to have long lasting effects, as your soul is healed and cleared on many levels. The following components comprise typical Private Sessions:
  1. Assignments:  Before the session, I will send some written or spiritual exercises, which will help you get the most out of the session.
  2. Live Session:  The session will contain discussion time and guided meditations to teach you how to access upper dimensions for healing and clearing.  The session can contain many aspects depending on what you need:  Spiritual contract clearing, Akashic record retrieval, clarifying, healing, teaching lightworking techniques, teaching authority over your being, etc.  You will also be invited to ask questions of my guides.
  3. Assignments:  After the call there will be additional assignments, and I will send you a copy of the guided mediation we did for you to use in the future.
  4. Radionics:  I will set the Radionics device to help continue to shift your energy, and provide a space for your angels and guides to shift your energy and bring healing to you.
  5. Follow Up:  I will contact you about a week after the session to check in on how you are doing and give any further recommendations
These can be very intensive sessions.  Daily meditation practice is essential.  Your commitment to all the session assignments is what will determine how much you will get out of the session.  This is how the real shift will happen:  You will develop your power to shift, and you will demonstrate to the Light that you are ready for the responsibility of having greater power.  Those who fall away from their Light commitment and daily meditation move more slowly.  I can give you the tools to become Spiritually Sovereign -- you must use them.  Wherever you are in life, you must climb.


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Areas I Can Help Shift
Developing Spiritual Connection and Intuitive Abilities

If you would like help developing your intuitive and healing abilities, we can connect you to higher dimensions to help you refine your skills.  You can start with this free meditation, Calling Forth a Solution, to begin initiating yourself into the upper dimensions.

Resetting and clearing all your spiritual contracts, and setting up a future arrangement for safety in all your spiritual contracts. Contracts with the devil, Lucifer, Satan, etc. can be cancelled without retaliation.

Learning to manifest your preferences is an art. You can learn to call in your preferences, and develop your skills to refine what you manifest. I regularly offer manifesting classes and incorporate intention setting and manifesting principles in my private sessions.

I have also done anger sessions. Your anger is a valuable tool. It can tell you where you are being violated, and what you need to do to move forward. People who feel depressed often have buried anger.  Don't fear your anger -- use it to heal and free yourself.
Space Clearing
If you feel the energy in your home or area needs clearing, I can teach you how to do this. I have cleared and healed the energy on many properties and land. Because I naturally like land and homes, I have a real estate license, and can also help with buying and selling homes.

If you feel you are having a hard time letting go of a bad relationship, there may be energies that are pulling you in that can be cleared. Patterns in your present relationship can also be cleared to help you have a better relationship.
If you would like to attract supportive friends or an intimate relationship, you can clear old patterns that may be blocking you and call in new patterns to help you attract your preferences.

Young People
Sometimes today's young people feel overwhelmed by the world. They may be too sensitive to the energies around them, and feel like they are burdened by something they can't quite define. These energies can be lifted, and an “auric shell” can be built around them to help them feel better and more secure.

Depression and Anxiety
Depression is energy that's not moving. Anxiety can be feeling too much energy around you. Healing sessions can help you lift and clear energy that's not moving, and build a shell around you so you feel safer.

Aches & Pains
Many times I have found that behind physical pain there is an energy that can be cleared, and once the energy is cleared, the pain releases.

Financial Blocks
If you feel blocked financially, there are often energies that can be cleared to help you feel more financially stable and receive more abundance. There is an energy to finances, and with some people, this is where they feel more blocked.

As a legacy to subsequent generations and to help others, information about how individuals can liberate themselves from the grip of the dark agenda is being compiled for publication at some point.  I put more work into sessions than typical.  In exchange, Private Session clients agree that general information connected to their session, with their identities shielded, may be published for educational purposes, for the benefit of others.  According to Minnesota Statute 146A, Minnesota alternative health care clients are required to be provided a Client Bill of Rights, which informs them of their rights, such as confidentiality.  As a courtesy, this document is provided to all clients.  When you sign up for a session, you will be asked to indicate that you agree with the Terms and Conditions. Personally identifiable information is not sold or rented.  You can review the Privacy Policy here.  

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