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"I have to say that since our session, I am feeling much lighter and happier
 for no apparent reason as the days go forward....:)"
--T, Connecticut 

Do you want to change? Would you like help shifting the energy in your life so you can feel better sooner? I offer healing sessions and classes to allow you to shift your energy more easily, and to help you create your preferences more easily.   I work at the soul level, accessing the strongest and easiest way to shift you the quickest and most fully. I teach what I do -- I want you to be sovereign over everything you do! Most of the souls I work with want to know how to do these things themselves. So I often give assignments for you to begin mastering your own reality with your soul.

My private sessions and classes incorporate guided meditations to help you access the deeper part of your mind to create change more easily. During these meditations I reach into upper dimensions to shift you from the soul level, to create the largest shift possible for you the least amount of time. I access my clairvoyant abilities to communicate with your soul and guides and bring through answers to your questions and the most profound healing energies possible. I also incorporate the use of a Radionics Analyzer. These devices allow us to shift frequencies much more easily and achieve results sooner. We call upon many Angels and Guides to help you change more easily. Sessions can be done remotely or in person.

I have practiced and received healing for 25+ years, and I have learned how to shift the energy in my life to more easily get what I want, to clear physical issues, to create better relationships, and more.  If you would like to know more, please call me at 612-270-3312 or contact me through the form to the bottom right Thank you!

Private Sessions

As soon as you schedule a session, your soul is given access to upper dimensions where I work, and the Angels and Guides that work with me start connecting to your energy field to determine what you need most.  I work in person and remotely, both ways work!  I tune in prior to the session to determine what we need to do in the session. The time between your scheduling a session and your arrival, your soul, the Angels and Guides, myself, and the Source have already been setting your energy, preparing you for a significant shift.
  • Once you arrive, we usually will do some form of written exercise to help you gain clarity about your intentions. 
  • We will key the Radionics Device for what you need most. 
  • Then we will do a guided meditation, where I access upper dimensions, your Soul, and the Source, to shift your energy as easily as possible. 
  • At any time the Angels and Guides are available to answer your questions. 
  • I will leave the Radionics Device on as long as the guides indicate. During this time I watch what the guides are doing in conjunction with the device, and will relay this back to you with follow-up information when it is finished.

Feeling Angry?

I have also done anger sessions. Your anger is a valuable tool. It can tell you where you are being violated, and what you need to do to move forward. People who feel depressed often have buried anger. Don't fear your anger -- use it to heal and free yourself.


I periodically offer classes in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  Subscribe to my newsletter to keep updated on my offerings.

 Areas I can Help  

Spiritual Contracts

Resetting and clearing all your spiritual contracts, and setting up a future arrangement for safety in all your spiritual contracts. Contracts with the devil, Lucifer, Satan, etc. can be cancelled without retaliation. Read more about contracts here.


If you feel you are having a hard time letting go of a bad relationship, there may be energies that are pulling you in that can be cleared. Patterns in your present relationship can also be cleared to help you have a better relationship.
If you would like to attract supportive friends or an intimate relationship, you can clear old patterns that may be blocking you and call in new patterns to help you attract what you want.

Young People

Sometimes today's young people feel overwhelmed by the world. They may be too sensitive to the energies around them, and feel like they are burdened by something they can't quite define. These energies can be lifted, and an “auric shell” can be built around them to help them feel better and more secure. 

Depression and Anxiety 

Depression is energy that's not moving. Anxiety can be feeling too much energy around you. Healing sessions can help you lift and clear energy that's not moving, and build a shell around you so you feel safer. 

Aches & Pains 

Many times I have found that behind physical pain there is an energy that can be cleared, and once the energy is cleared, the pain releases. 

Financial Blocks 

If you feel blocked financially, there are often energies that can be cleared to help you feel more financially stable and receive more abundance. There is an energy to finances, and with some people, this is where they feel more blocked. 

Manifesting Skills 

Learning to manifest what you want is an art. You can learn to call in your preferences, and develop your skills to refine what you manifest. I regularly offer manifesting classes and incorporate intention setting and manifesting principles in my private sessions.

Spiritual Connection and Intuitive Abilities

If you would like help developing your intuitive and healing abilities, we can connect you to higher dimensions to help you refine your skills.

Space Clearing

If you feel the energy in your home or area needs clearing, I can teach you how to do this. I have cleared and healed the energy on many properties and land. Because I naturally like land and homes, I have a real estate license, and can also help with buying and selling homes.

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