Teal Swan & Mas Sajady's Suicide Programming

Mas Sajady and Teal Swan are suicide gurus. Just like Jim Jones, they feed poison to people who have been deceived and brainwashed, believing it is good for them. Neither Teal Swan nor Mas Sajady have licensure of any kind in any field, yet they hold themselves out as suicide experts -- encouraging suicide.

The poison Mas Sajady and Teal Swan feed people is called suicide programming. Suicide programming is the act of reinforcing of suicidal ideation. It is the deliberate intent to drive people to their deaths to obtain death sacrifices. The dark agenda that preys upon humanity wants people to suffer, and Mas Sajady and Teal Swan are happy to help the dark agenda.

Teal Swan and Sajady-Zhou are running death cults. Suicide programming is one aspect of a death cult.



Suicide programming can be recognized from hallmarks such as:

  1. Taking pleasure in death
  2. Encouraging people to imagine their death 
  3. Encouraging suicide (In Sajady's case, this includes calling death "beautiful", "euphoric", congratulating a suicidal client, describing suicide as "honorable" and part of a "win-win." In Teal Swan's case, this includes calling death "delicious", a "liberation", and saying it's "okay to kill somebody.") 
  4. Failing to discourage suicide 
  5. Failing to recommend professional help 
  6. Knowingly creating suicidal clients 
  7. Clients who follow through and take their lives
  8. Justifying suicide 
  9. Suicidal marketing 
  10. Murder: Doing black magic to drive people to their deaths.



There have been numerous suicides in Sajady and Zhou's midst and in those of their clients, allegedly due to Sajady and Zhou's encouraging suicide and their black magic. People have taken their own lives and even the lives of others.

Read more here:
Below are Debby and Mark Constantino, part of a 3-person murder-suicide linked to Mas Sajady.



Sajady and Zhou encourage suicide in numerous ways: By praising death as "beautiful", "joy" and "grace", "euphoric"; telling clients to imagine they are dead; telling a suicidal client "congratulations"; telling a suicidal client being ready to jump off a bridge is a "good thing"; calling suicide "honorable" and part of a "win-win"; denying a client is suicidal.

Numerous Sajady clients have ended up suicidal, including a long-time loyalist; an apparent vulnerable adult; and multiple callers to his call-in shows.

The following information reviews how Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou encourage suicide.


Sajady has praised death and taken pleasure in it. On one of his podcasts he described a tragic death that happened in close proximity to him as "beautiful."

The death occurring near Sajady raises the issue as to whether this was another alleged mysterious death connected to Sajady, one of his black magic death sacrifices.

The below video plays his statement.


Sajady also extolled gruesome death in the same sanctuary Justine Damond preached, using terms"beauty", "joy", and "grace."

At the Lake Harriet Spiritual Center, December 8, 2017, Sajady proclaiming how extremely pleasurable and joyful it was to watch someone die a gruesome death:
“Has anybody seen someone die before you? Do you notice that time stops in that space? And do you notice that there’s a grandness and beauty that can be matched in physical form, right? That amount of joy. And it’s kind of perplexing because you’re in this tragic moment, somebody’s dying or bleeding to death. Oh my god why is there so much beauty and grace in that space?  You know why because it pulls you into the present moment so strongly you get to see how beautiful the present moment is and that lingers with you forever.   So try to reenact that space or try to remember that time frame ‘cause it’ll really pull you into the present moment and that’s how you resolve the issues.”
Justine Damond's death may also be a death sacrifice. There are several other deaths of LHSC members during the time Sajady has been there.


Sajady routinely fails to recommend that at-risk clients get professional help, he routinely fails to discourage suicide. Instead, he preys upon at-risk people to get access to their soul and their bank account.  At an event at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in June 2019, Sajady praised death as "euphoric" to a suicidal event attendee:
"Death is actually a euphoric practice if done right. If done wrong, you still get euphoric. But the outcome is like you commit suicide. That's why say people get pulled into suicide."
Furthermore, if death is not "done right", it ends up in suicide? Is demonic guru Sajady talking about auto-erotic asphyxiation or even murder?




Below is a newsletter mailed out by Mas Sajady in August 2016.

A Sajady client had posted on his Facebook page: "Today is a good day to die."

Mas Sajady responded: "Congratulations on your first day of Healing Mastery."

Sajady's response normalizes and encourages suicidal ideation. It is no surprise that Sajady clients have killed themselves.

The newsletter confirms that the Sajady-Zhou cult knows they are creating suicidal clients:
 "The HM program is notorious for putting its participants through a unrelenting, harsh and severe detox... We feel the need to share this case because those reasons that caused the suicidal thoughts are quite common during a heavy detox."
"Those reasons" that cause "heavy detox" are Sajady and Zhou's black magic that installs dark energy in women's systems to use them for their dark purposes. Sajady and Zhou know the evil they are perpetrating upon people is making them suicidal and driving people to their deaths.


Mas Sajady generates so many suicidal clients that you can hear them regularly on his call-in shows.  A caller to Mas Sajady's "Global Healing" February 19, 2017 said she felt "ready to jump off” a bridge -- and Mas Sajady said, “Right. And that's a good thing, by the way.” Sajady goes on to accuse the woman of witchcraft, which is blaming her for becoming suicidal under his black magic.   Later in the call "minister" Sajady tells another caller that not praying is "good."
2:10 Mas Sajady Tells Suicidal Client being suicidal is a "good thing"

Client: It's been like such a disaster, like I don't even know how to get it. I feel like I'm a [inaudible] at the edge of a bridge, ready to jump off.

MS: Right. And that's a good thing, by the way. 'Kay, and just let me explain. And I'm just working on pulling out this garbage. So this whole life, or not this whole life, but I want to say in your, since your mid-20s, little later than your mid-20s, all that stuff started to get stronger and stronger in you, you connected with certain people, witchcraft, voodoo, whatever it might be. From then on it got built up. So there's a lot of garbage you've held on inside you. That make sense to you?

56:24 Mas Sajady, Spiritual Guru, Tells Client Not Praying is "Good."

MS: I just kind of seeing you praying and stuff like that, but you've already stopped that, which is good.



This suicidal woman appears to have been love frauded by Sajady. Here she is writing yet another love poem to him.  She indicates she was suicidal, yet considers perpetrator Sajady as a helping agent:  "I'm returning to the world, was not time to go home. Thank you for your love since my first contact with you."



On the same show as above, Sajady predicts a man's mother will commit suicide, calling it "honorable." Sajady also said that suicide could be a part of a "win-win" set of options. Again Sajady is legitimizing and encouraging suicide.

15:00 Mas Sajady Calls Suicide "Honorable" and Part of a “win-win.”

MS: I still see the honorable suicide. That's why I said, if say she starts to say awaken, does that make sense, then there's no need for that honorable suicide, right? And then she'll heal. That's why they want to go into that honorable suicide. And then if she doesn't, what happens is that she crosses over properly, she's enlightened, then what happens is she'll come back, again, an enlightened being. So either way, like I said, it's a win-win. Does that make sense for you my friend? So either way.


This former Sajady client told us that she had told Sajady she was suicidal, and that he denied she was suicidal, saying "he didn't see it in her energy field."
“I worked with Mas for over 2 years from 2012-2014 and I do resonate with the stories here. I have always been strongly connected to Source and gifted with a strong intuition. I was in an amazing flow when I started working with Mas and from that point on it slowly spiraled downwards to the point I totally lost my connection with Spirit (my most precious possession) and my passions had completely faded. I didn't see any point of being here on the planet if I was not able to live my purpose anymore and told Mas I was suicidal. He ignored it by saying he didn't see it in my energy field. He told me that it was normal feeling that I would go backwards and that he faced depression too every time he received serious upgrades. He compared it with the Navy seals and that I had everything I needed to succeed but I had to go through this.....but it just felt so wrong and 'off' that I decided to stop working with him. I am still lost but less vulnerable but so frustrated he was able to dim my pure light. Any suggestions on how to get back on track and step into my authentic power again? Many thanks and lots of love and light."

LR -- Netherlands


Here is a truly lost Sajady loyalist who is saying she wants to die, she's having so many disasters in her life. Sajady's demons do that -- they program you for suicide and program disasters in your life in case you don't commit suicide. Notice how quickly the Sajady staff vultures sweep in. They don't want to lose their income stream -- ie their jobs.


This client became sick and suicidal two months into the program. After Sajady retaliated on her for posting about him, she ended up virtually comatose. After having previously lived a fully functioning life, she now lives on disability.
"We were told at the time not to work with any other healers... I was at the height where he was saying things like surrender your will, and so I did. At Mas's last healing in San Francisco he told me I was 75 percent through the program, and so I stayed another month. He also told me I would be back to work in March and that was what I wanted to hear. Instead of working in March, I ended up almost dead. Two months into the program I became sick and suicidal. I think it was something he implanted verses my energy. I decided I was going to leave,  his assistant personally called me to keep me on and offered my reading free.   Our group healing (5 of us) had gotten kicked offline for some reason twice, I took it as a sign and I was leaving. Then Mas convinced me that something was preventing us. He also offered me another free month after a reading he did where he said it was 'the worse thing he ever saw' and I was kind of horrified (he said my dead friend was eating chance out of me - so who is distorted?). I think back and realize he was the one distorting me."


This appears to be yet another vulnerable adult preyed upon by Sajady and Zhou's black magic. The woman is suicidal, appears to have a mental health diagnosis, and other postings of hers indicated she was sexually obsessed with Sajady.

Her cat died right at the beginning of her obsession with him. Many former Sajady clients have talked about the large number of deaths of pets while under Sajady's influence, which are presumable death sacrifices.

This woman demonstrates all the hallmarks of Sajady's black magic:
We warned her, but she was so hypnotized she would not hear the truth about Sajady and Zhou, who kept reeling her in.

This vulnerable woman then apologizes to Sajady for what his black magic is doing to her.



Here'a another suicidal client of Mas Sajady, from his October 2017 Global Healing. Sajady feeds her a bunch of his usual jibberish, including: That's taking "a little longer" for her; it's her fault; it's her "painbody"; it's a good place to be; Jesus was suicidal too; it's going to get worse; it's nothing that he's doing.

Finally when nothing else works he refers her for professional help. He takes none of the other steps that licensed professionals are trained to do when dealing with suicidal clients. This is the first recorded instance of him ever referring for professional help.


Caller:  Hi Mas [deep breath] I don’t want to exist anymore. I want to go into the light and disappear.
Mas Sajady responds with various jibberish, such as “It’s the level you’re at. It’s a tough level to be at," and continues with more:

MS:  Through the work that I’ve, that you’ve done with me, and although it might have say taken a little longer, just because of the fact that you’re afraid, controlled, controlling. Well so it does take a little longer, now you’re seeing the changes.

MS: And then you break away from that pattern that’s controlled you all your life. Does that make sense?
Caller:  [Sobbing]
MS:  So it’s not anything that I’m, that we do or you. It’s really the way your rule sets have been in the past.

MS: You seem to be alot stronger the last couple months or weeks. Does that make sense?
Caller: [Sobbing]
MS:  I just see you going down into a dip again so you can release more of the darkness that you’ve experienced. Does that make sense for you honey?
Caller: I don’t know I just want out. [Sobbing.]
MS: Sure. Umm, again this is, this is a test that alot of us go through that has been abused. If you think about it, even Jesus was pushed into say these thoughts. So that’s part of your painbody that’s say been wrapped around for you so long now peeling away.
Caller:  [Sobbing.]


Post by:  Tanster  June 10

Here is Mas Sajady advertising himself with a picture of a woman who is apparently committing suicide.

Here is proof that Mas Sajady encourages suicide. A recent follower is now dead from suicide:

When you first get into Mas Sajady he promises wealth, health and love. When you get more into it, he sells suffering. I consider that bait and switch and something demons would do. Here's Mas Sajady saying he works with demons:

Here's Mas Sajady saying the truth doesn't matter. Why would anyone listen to one word he says?

A commenter on the bottom of this screenshot, who appears to be follower, is accusing Mas of contradicting himself.



The invisible element to most death cults is a demonic system. Sajady and Zhou do witchcraft and black magic; and behind them has been a large demonic system that feeds them more evil, while enslaving them even further. (For the record, this system has been steadily dismantled since 2016.)

The black magic and demonic system feed dark energy into people, making them suicidal and/or killing them.

Sajady has even admitted that his black magic kills people, saying people "cross over faster" because of him.

That is murder.


If someone is encouraging suicide in others and pumping dark energy into others -- there's a good chance he is suicidal himself.

Suicide Programming Video also posted at:

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