Many years ago I found a belief in spirituality, which I had lost when I was young. Since then, I have gone on to heal myself of various things and develop an unshakable confidence in myself. I have developed a connection with the spiritual world, based on working with Light and only the Light.

Early in my development, I came across a teacher whose work showed me how to clear dark energies. That was Adriene Wentworth (former name Kathy Gabney), out of Boulder, Colorado (originally from Minnesota), with Christa Resources.

I have also studied how to work with my Lightbody, through Luminessence out of Medford, Oregon. This modality has developed my clairvoyance skills, taught me how to work with other souls, energetic gridworks and forms. I have graduated from a few of their programs and am certified to teach their "Awakening your Lightbody" course.

I also completed a course called "The Silva Method." This course teaches you how to consciously affect your brainwaves so as to more effectively implement positive suggestions to the subconscious. Our teacher was Naomi Curtin!  Naomi said that she had once witnessed the tongs of forks bending. Naoma was a nun -- so I believe she was telling the truth.

To this day, I lightwork for several hours on a daily basis. That means I go into a meditative state, connect to the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe (which I call the Universal Source) and ask what to do to accomplish my given intentions.

I WORK WITH THE LIGHT! I am of Christ Consciousness!

There are those who do not make this claim, and are at risk of working with anything else that is not of the Light. Sometimes they are intending to work with darkness.

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