Changing Timelines & the Future -- Systembusters James Rink & Penny Bradley

One thing I really appreciate are other systembusters. James Rink and Penny Bradley have escaped from the Shadow Government's Secret Space Program, and are living to talk about it. In case you're not aware, the Shadow Government creates mind-controlled slaves through ongoing, routine sadistic torture. Like others who have escaped these diabolical systems, James and Penny have had spiritual contracts to go into these dark systems to systembust them.

I really want to say thank you to them for their systembusting. For by living through this experience, escaping, and speaking publicly, they are bringing down this evil system. Do be aware, however, that some of these people are still in contract with the dark side, whether they are aware of it or not. This means that if you give consent to them and their information you can be giving consent for the dark side to operate in your life.  So first and foremost, protect your spiritual contracts. Then research and study as much as you can.

Remote Viewing the Future

In a lecture James Rink did with Penny Bradley in May 2019, James said he remote viewed the future. This interested me, because I know the future can be changed. From his remote viewing, James says that great destruction is ahead, US economy will collapse, there will be a reinvasion by the Nazis, who he says are still living in a parallel reality. While it can sound a bit crazy, the point is: What can you do if something like this is true?

James says (at 1:09:55):
When we remote viewed the future, in Trump's second term as presidency, he's going to release some of these suppressed technologies. But we're also going to see a return to the gold standard and RV is going to take place. 
But what happens is the Third Reich Nazis have time traveled after WWII to our present era. They're in control of the EU and they're also in control of China. Through the dragon societies they are going to cause basically the US economy to collapse. They're going to promise pledging the gold, and then once we convert over to the gold standard they're going to take away their promise and then it's going to collapse the US economy. We're going to be invaded by Nazis around 2036 from the parallel reality where these Nazis are trying to finish the job. Now, that timeline can be averted if we release the suppressed technologies, in particular quantum 3D printing. The Secret Space Program has a 20 year timeline where they want to slowly roll out these technologies, the first being regeneration technology. We need to get everything released as fast as possible to get us off money, because that's basically going to allow us to be taken over.

Preying upon Fetuses

In this lecture Penny Bradley talks about how extra terrestrial races prey upon humanity. One way being the insertion of alien genetics into fetuses, which can happen through mind control slavery, abduction, or likely through vaccines. Penny says that babies carried 40 weeks instead of 36 have had Draco genetics inserted into them, Dracos typically being an evil race (at 2:29:30):
From my understanding 40 weeks means they've been shot up with Draco DNA, the babies.
Penny goes on to say that the dark agenda recruits any soul they can to use for their purposes. Specifically, they are looking for what's called the "meta gene" -- which confers the ability to create your own reality (at 2:30:20):

They take starseeds, they take people that the most recent past life were working for them they take people who were bloodline descended from the Magdalen, they take people who are high meta-gene, that's people from areas where they don't kill witches, because witches are high meta-gene. They're looking for the meta-gene, which is the genetic component of how to create your own reality. Because they want to take that ability and use it  for their purposes.
Audience question:
To create their timelines that they want to create.
Exactly. They are using us to create what they want.

So What Do You Do?

1.  Be Sovereign

First, be sovereign. Take responsibility for everything in your reality. Accepting a victim mentality is saying you do not want to take responsibility for what is on your plate. James Rink and Penny Bradley are not victims -- they are taking responsibility for their reality and changing it. Live in total self-responsibility and accept your spiritual sovereignty.which is your Divine birthright.

2. Access your Meta-Gene

In a state of Spiritual Sovereignty, you can access your meta-gene. Call upon the Light/God/Source (whatever you call it) to receive or activate your meta-gene so you can be the one in charge of your reality. You can do this in meditation. The reason why witches would have a meta-gene is because the dark side gave it to them. Always ask the Light for your gifts, so you don't get into spiritual contract with the dark side.  

It may seem that you're up against dark forces that seem to have more power than you, who want to enslave you. But there are many things you can do to change the future and change your reality.  

3. Change the Future

Timelines can be changed. Timelines are a way that the reptilian system tries to set the future and create reality, but their intentions do not come from God/the Light/Source, and the Source does not create with timelines. Timelines are an artificial form of creation. Therefore, timelines, like many other dark outcomes, can be changed or removed by refusing consent, and calling up the Source to remove them, according to your preferences. (Your preferences do matter. State them and ask for the Divinely-created solution for them.)

4. Refuse Consent

You may not realize it, but you can be giving consent to darkness without consciously knowing it. Such as by watching a movie that shows devastation, and accepting the movie. Like Penny says -- When you see a negative scenario in a movie or on the news, say, "No negative power" or "Cancel, cancel", or "I refuse consent" (at 2:34:30):
I have found that the Galactic Police follow the same rules. They have to generate consent for what they are going to plan to do. So they can do that in fiction. So if you're reading a book, watching a movie, watching a video on Youtube, at the end of it you say out loud, it has to be out loud, "I do not consent." If you don't say it out loud you have given consent. 
Remember the old rape laws, that if you didn't say no, it wasn't rape? That's the way the galaxy works. We cannot get justice on the galactic level unless we start saying no. And the universe hears no very loudly. That's why so many psy-ops are telling people, "What you resist, persists." It's because then you don't say no, and they can keep doing whatever they want.
And you can't fix what you don't acknowledge.
That's why they blank our memories. We can't fix what we don't remember. 

Lastly, protect your spiritual contracts.

Like I said earlier, dark forces can gain spiritual contracts for harm even if you are not aware you are giving consent.

What you can do to protect your spiritual contracts is Reset your Agreements with the Light, and Sign a Contract with God/Light/Source (whatever you call it). I discuss these techniques here on how to protect your spiritual contracts, and have made a video about them.


In conclusion, you are Sovereign. You can protect your soul and your family while on the planet, and you can change the future. After all, you likely have a systembusting mission of your own that you are here to accomplish. And you deserve to be Divinely protected while doing so. Remember, every moment is a choice. May you make the Light choice.

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More Information about the Nazis

James Rink mentions in another video that the Nazis dusted the White House with UFOs in 1952, to intimidate the American government. The Americans had defeated the Nazis ion WWII because we had greater ground forces. But the Nazis  had more advanced technology, and they escaped to Antartica.

The Nazis communicated to Eisenhower at that time that either the US would let the Nazis form a shadow government, or they would reveal themselves to the American population.

Eisenhower was very unhappy with this, but agreed to allow a shadow government to form.

More information here:

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