Corey Goode's "Blue Avians" are Demonic, and Goode is Blocking Disclosure about SSP for NWO - Heads up about James Rink

Corey Goode's "Blue Avians" are Demonic Soul Harvesters

This is just a note for those of you who may be following Corey Goode.  He has been touting ETs called "blue avians" as the saviors of humanity.  However, these ETs are demonic.  They are renegades from the civilization they came from, and their intent is to prey upon humanity,tso suck in people's souls to use them like batteries.  This is often called harvesting.

The blue energy these ETs manifest is manufactured from the souls they suck in.  It is not real energy, it is a deception, as these ETs are very skilled deceivers. 

James Rink says that the blue avians offered the competing demonic ETs running the ICC to "save" humanity, but their offer was outright refused.  Lindsey Hooper, interviewed by James Rink, spoke about how Goode had touted these beings for many years -- but then suddenly stopped without warning the public about them.

The woman in this video has a blue avian soul.  When I first looked at her energy, it was very squirrelly and almost childlike.  I took a closer look, and I soon found the blue energy around her was that fake manufactured energy, designed to lure people in so their souls can be harvested.

The information she brings forth in this video is valid, but her soul is doing it to get access to harvest more souls.  So refuse consent to the soul, but accept her information as valid.

Corey Goode Blocking SSP Disclosure for NWO

In his July 4, 2019 speech President Trump mentioned a Space Force and referred planting the U.S. flag on Mars. This is the first time a U.S. president has ever mentioned this -- even though the Secret Space Program has been going on since shortly after WWII.

Insiders say that Corey Goode, prominent figure in the UFO community, has signed a contract with the G20 nations to block the release of information about the Secret Space Program. The real reason for this is to give the perpetrators 10 more years to harvest slaves, sex traffic children, etc. Whistleblower Lindsay Hooper discusses this information, along with other whistleblowers. James Rink, Elena Kapulnik and Penny Bradley.

James Rink is a SSP whistleblower, he has a great deal of information. But just a word of caution about James Rink -- he is not fully in contract with the Light --- he makes no distinction between people working for the Light and those working for the Dark, so use discernment when watching his information, as giving by consent to him can put you in contract with the dark side. Refuse consent to the dark agenda and protect your spiritual contracts.

Excerpts from :
Super Soldier Talk – Elena, Lindsey, Penny – Secret Space Program Roundtable

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