Miesha Johnston - In League with the Dark Agenda - Starseed Awakening - Warning

The point of this post is to get Miesha Johnston and James Rink's attention.  They are in league all or partly with the dark agenda.  This video is get their attention and call them back to the Light.

James Rink is a former slave of the Secret Space Program, which involved sadistic torture to "train" him. Many others have come forward about this. It is good he's speaking out.

I do think he's a systembuster, but I think he is not fully in commitment to the Light, as he doesn't distinguish between those souls committed to the Light and those in contract with the dark agenda.  He gives a platform to souls that are in league with the dark agenda. He has been a bit blind to the notion of recruitment -- which is aliens seeking to recruit people to their agenda, and using humans to do so.  Watching him can put you in contract with the dark agenda. So refuse consent and protect your spiritual contracts.

James Rink is continuing to host Miesha Johnston, of Starseed Awakenings, who is in league with dark agenda.  Meisha Johnston's soul purpose has been to produce what apparently are hideous babies for the aliens, and to recruit people to the dark agenda.. She may seem nice, but her soul purpose, the reason why she incarnated, has been to serve the dark agenda in this way.

She either has Stockholm syndrome or she is willingly in league with the dark entities she serves. Either way, she has free will at this point and can use it to choose to not align with the dark agenda.

Let's look at the supporting evidence.


Miesha Johnston has alliances with the dark agenda.  In this video where James interviews Miesha, he talks about a white zeta that she works with as a "positive" energy. The Zetas (grey or white) are Satanic race. They are not "positive."  The fact they could dupe her they are "positive" is evidence that she working with dark agenda or has Stockholm syndrome.

If you look at her in the video, you can see greys standing behind her, owning her. She also works with Dracos, who are a dark league.


Recruiting for the Dark Side

Johnston talks about teaching people how to communicate in alien language.  Why don't they communicate with God or the Light?  The dark leagues can communicate with God if they want help. It's not our job.

She makes a comment that suggests that Dracos were on earth first, which isn't true. Before the Dracos were here, there was Satan.

Producing Alien Babies

Johnston produced what were apparently hideous creatures for dark agenda aliens she works with. That means her soul agreed to do this.

The Dracos claim they need human DNA continue their race, and get contracts with souls like hers to allow them to do so.  T

This notion that Dracos need human DNA is predatory propaganda. The Draco civilization is seeking to stay outside of God for as long as they can. They can go straight to God and get the answers they need for their league of souls. But they refuse. Instead they want to rape and prostitute human bodies to continue their rape as long as they can. The Dracos said to her before they raped her, "We're not here to hurt you." 

Her soul is a reptile, a Draco relative, and agreed to serve the Zeta and Dracos dark agenda.

Her soul has consciously chosen to work for the dark agenda. Johnston, as an aspect of her soul, has free will, however.  She may be in a state of Stockholm syndrome, but it is her responsibility to use her free will to leave if she wants to, or to ask the Light for help doing so.


Our purpose here is to caution you about people who want to blur the lines, and do so in a way to take advantage of you.

Do your own research, develop discernment, because the dark side is trying to mix itself with the light to insinuate itself into your existence.

Ask the Light to show you the truth for yourself, in a way you cannot miss, on a positive vibration. Yes we can present information here, but the best understanding is one given to you directly by the Light.

It's time for James Rink to start distinguishing between the light and dark and informing his followers. Otherwise he is recruiting for the dark side himself.

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