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Below are free guided meditations to assist you in shifting your energy. Some of the meditations ask you to keep your eyes closed, and gently roll your eyes upwards, like you are looking up at the top of your head. This accesses deeper brainwaves, closer to those when you are sleeping, allowing your intentions to be more powerful. There are also written exercises to help you with your manifesting. For written exercises to help you with your manifesting, please visit the Written Exercises tab. Enjoy!

Everyday there are numerous attempts to "opt us in" to agreements we would not consciously choose, and simply by virtue of being born, most souls are also entering into a myriad of agreements with the systems that surround them. Visit my Reset your Agreements tab for information on how to get started here.

Space Clearing
For guided meditations to clear your home or property, please visit the Space Clearing tab. Here you will find three processes to assist you in clearing and energetically redesigning your space,

Manifesting a Home
For written exercises and a guided meditation to help you manifest a home of your preferences, visit my Real Estate tab. Here you will find intentions and processes that can be used to help you find the most compatible and beneficial situation, whether buying, selling, or renting.

Guided Meditation to Reset your Soul 
One way of being safe is to connect directly to the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe and take charge of your spiritual agreements.
  •  This meditation resets your soul and is a starting point to reset all your agreements with the Universal Source.
  •  You will begin examining areas where you are giving consent that you may not want to.
  •  You will also place the intention that you are safe while you sleep.

Total Self-Responsibility Meditation
The energy of Total Self-Responsibility is the strongest energy I know for protection and clearing.  This guided meditation:

  • Calls upon the Universal Source, Universal Christ, and Christ to call in the energy of Total Self-Responsibility
  • Takes you to some of the upper dimensions where I work to heal yourself, build a Total Self-Responsibility matrix, and lightwork one situation in your life. 
  • Includes focusing on total Source physical health perfection and clearing you from any false (dark) implants/imbalances.
I originally made this meditation for myself, so it doesn't explain everything.  See how much you can follow!

Click here to play or download.  (18 minutes)

Daily Cleansing Meditation

This is a mediation that an be played daily to cleanse your aura and energy field. We breathe a variety of pastel colors into the chakras, ask the angels and guides to cut and cleanse all cords you your energy field, and place the following command:
  • Universal Source, show me the Source-created solution in all dimensions for placing a protective layer of light around myself and my life, and for clearing and releasing all energies not directly appointed by the Source to be here, known and unknown,and replacing them with divinely appointed energies in infinite time. Thank you, it is done.

Releasing Non-Light or Alien Contracts Meditation 
If you feel you have spiritual contracts with non-light entities, this meditation will help clear that. In this brief meditation we will call upon the Source, Christ, the Overseers of the Angels, the Star Nations of the Light, the Buddhas, the Elohim, the Archangels, the Chohans (Keepers) of the Rays, the Ascended Masters, Others of Christ Consciousness to support you as you make the following command:
  • Universal Source, show me the source-created solution for revoking any and all alien contracts in me and in my family, and resetting them through the Source if I consciously agree; and releasing any sense of violation or fear with such contract, in all dimensions, in infinite time. Thank you it is done.

Resetting contracts through the Central Source will erase any contracts with what can be called "dark light contributors" (contributors that are not fully of the light), although you are free to re-choose them at any point. In fact, you may unconsciously do so, so it may be recommended to play this a few times for you to get used to the new energy. There may be some contracts that are more deeply rooted that will need more attention to clear. You can use the Divine Answers meditation to guide you to the next step for whatever may need to be cleared from you.
 Click here to play or download.  (8 minutes)

Placing the Intention for Success Meditation 
This guided meditation will call upon the Universal Source to assist you in releasing old beliefs about failure, and replacing them with success beliefs.
Click here to play or download.   (11:49)

Divine Answers Meditation
Join us as we call upon the Source, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, Christ and others to assist us in receiving Divine Answers. A channelled message from Mother Mary, through Natalie Glasson, will be shared, and a command to program your subconscious mind to automatically find solutions will be given during the meditation.
Click here to play or download.  (14:08)

Divine Solution for an Animal Meditation
This brief meditation will help you find a solution for an animal that may need a home or healing, or a situation in the animal kingdom where you would like to lend your spiritual assistance. Christ and Mother Mary will join you in being a conduit for a healing solution. The solution will be placed in what can be called the "Cotton Portal" -- an energy location which will expand the solution to all dimensions.
 Click here to play or download or listen with player below. (8:46)

Energizing your Intentions with a Pyramid Meditation
This guided meditation will lead you through a brief process to energize an intention you would like manifest with a pyramid. For this meditation, it is suggested to use a pyramid that is yours, or is being used for lightworking purposes. This process will Christen your pyramid, or initiate it in light.

(If you intend to use a pyramid that is not directly under your influence, and open to many other influences, such as an Egyptian pyramid, it will require cleansing before your intention will receive all the benefit of that particular pyramid. If you want to cleanse a public pyramid, you can use the Meditation to Clear Energy below, then use this meditation. You would generally need to cleanse a public pyramid each time before you use it.)

New Configurations for a Healthy Life

A Tesla Coil
This meditation calls upon the Source, many assisting Angels, and Christ, to send upwards to the Light areas you would like to name for healing or shift. From there, the energy is sent out to the planet for healing and growth, and back to you as supportive light to assist you in manifesting your creations. Thank you for your contribution to healing the planet.Click here to play or download. (26:54)
  • Before beginning think of 3 areas you would like to name for healing and shift: one area in your personal life, one area in the nation, and one area around the globe.

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"The conference call meditation was amazing. I am anxious to attend the next one."

~ Christy, Sedona, AZ

"First time I heard of a conference call meditation, much less participated. It was really cool. Super enjoyed it. More!"  

~ Linda, Santa Fe, NM

"Thank you very much for the awesome meditation and the very helpful insight." 

~ Kathleen M, Eagan, Minnesota

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  1. I meditate once in a while to rest my mind and to become more focused on my work.


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