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Below are some intentions and processes you can use to manifest a home, whether buying, selling, or renting.  If you would like a simple way to clear the energy in your property, visit my Space Clearing tab.

"I did find an apartment and am moved in! Yeah! Magical! Meditation helped! Thanks!"

Guided Meditation:  Manifesting your Preferred Home

This guided mediation can be used to manifest a home or living situation. Before listening to the meditation, either make a list of your preferences, or complete the worksheet at this link.  The worksheet will help you gain clarity about the type of home you are interested in. On the second page of the worksheet is space to write out the following affirmations, or any others you prefer. 

Some Intentions to Place for a Sound Home-Buying Process
  1. My next home is held for me.
  2. I ask for any blocks to owning a home to be removed, and I ask for the willingness for this to happen.
  3. I purchase a Sound Home with Sound Funding.
  4. There are Supportive participants in my homebuying process: agents, seller, lender, inspector, family, friends etc.
  5. I am saved from my folly, and guided to the best home for me; I am able to listen, hear, understand, and follow this guidance clearly and easily (blindspot awareness).
  6. I am guided away from homes that may contain a hazard that I would not want to contend with (such as radon, asbestos, unforeseen or undisclosed repairs needed, neighborhood or city issues, etc).
  7. I manifest a win-win situation.
  8. I manifest Sound Transactions and a Sound Closing.
  9. Anything I forgot to ask for.
When you listen to the guided meditation, the following intention will be placed:

Divine Universe,
Show me the Source-Created Solution
For manifesting a home of my preferences,
In happiness and joy, in infinite time in all dimensions,
Including everything on my sheet.
Thank you, it is done.

When this command is given, you will be asked to keep your eyes closed, and gently roll your eyes upwards. This has the effect of accessing deeper brainwaves, closer to those that are accessed during sleep, thus making your command more potent.

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