Reset your Agreements

How Are You Getting Into Agreements?

Personal Agreements

This is a vast subject, which I will make a few basic points about. Pretty much anytime you receive anything from anyone -- a gift, a healing, a paycheck -- you are consciously or unconsciously setting up an agreement with them.  If someone "heals" your illness or a being in light comes and offers you a gift or a being in spirit "saves the life" of a family member in WWII or you drive on a highway anywhere or live in a neighborhood which a dark entity has claimed as turf -- you are typically setting up agreements.  

Contracts can be set up on many levels -- by you consciously; by your soul; by a lost aspect of yourself.  Contracts can be set up by default -- by your lack of awareness one is being set up!  Contracts can be set up by "hacking into" your energy field.  Just as computer hackers find a vulnerability and capitalize on that -- dark energy can find weakness in your system and use them as a "back door" to setting up an agreement with you. 

Systems Agreements

Everyday there are numerous system agreements that attempt to "opt us in."  By virtue of joining Facebook, for example, there are as many as 100 implicit agreements that are being set up that you may not consciously agree to.

By virtue of birth, most souls are also entering into a myriad of agreements with the systems that surround them:  Banking systems, media systems, elite systems, racial systems, etc.   Andrew Bartzis has cataloged a few hundred of these system-type agreements in his document:  Soul Contract Revocations.

What Can You Do?

First:  Reset all Your Agreements.  
See below some ways to do this.  I have been advised by the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe (which I call the Universal Source) to reset everything I receive or do through this Source.  This does a number of things -- from resetting all agreements I have formed to protecting me from setting up false agreements (such as with territorial beings) to providing me with what I need directly, without setting up an agreement with an outside being.  

Second:  Sign a "Contract with God."  This places the Universal Source/God in charge of all your contracts -- I have seen this work time and time again to protect people. See this link for more details.

Also - visit my Spirit Unlimited Facebook page. I have keyed it as an Agreement Reset Page so there is an energy portal coming into Facebook that has a resetting purpose for each person using it and the larger institution.

1. Free Meditation:  Guided Meditation to Reset your Soul 

One way of being safe is to connect directly to the Greatest Positive Power in the Universe and take charge of your spiritual agreements.
  •  This meditation resets your soul and is a starting point to reset all your agreements with the Universal Source.
  •  You will begin examining areas where you are giving consent that you may not want to.
  •  You will also place the intention that you are safe while you sleep.
If you feel you need deeper work, you can buy  the below meditation: "Resetting your Spiritual Agreements, Soul Level Decisions, Personal Compacts, Gifts, and Visitors through the Universal Source."

Click here to play or download.

2. Free Meditation:  Total Self-Responsibility Energy

The energy of Total Self-Responsibility is the strongest energy I know for protection and clearing.  This guided meditation:

  • Calls upon the Universal Source, Universal Christ, and Christ to call in the energy of Total Self-Responsibility
  • Takes you to some of the upper dimensions where I work to heal yourself, build a Total Self-Responsibility matrix, and lightwork one situation in your life. 

I originally made this meditation for myself, but I was guided to release it for others to use.  See how much you can follow!

Click here to play or download.  (20 minutes)

 3.  Guided Meditation for Purchase:   Resetting your Spiritual Agreements, Soul Level Decisions, Personal Compacts, Gifts, and Visitors through the Universal Source ~ $25

This is a powerful and effective process to free you from unwanted energies, attachments, imbalanced contracts, etc. This guided meditation process will reset all the spiritual agreements you may may be operating under through the Highest Light, the Universal Source. This will have the effect of clearing any contracts that are not Divinely balanced or appointed. We will also be resetting all Soul Decisions, all your Personal Compacts, all Gifts you have received, and all Visitors to you. Along with the guided meditation comes a chapter discussing this information in more depth.

Click here to Purchase through Paypal or Credit Card.
  • If you are paying with credit card, please click the "RETURN TO MERCHANT" button on your receipt to take you to the MP3.
  • If the system still fails to bring you to the MP3, please contact me!

4.  Free:  Self-Guided Agreement Resetting Process

You can also go into meditation and place this intention to reset your agreements yourself. Below is the basic intention.  The guided process above has a few more elements, but this process will give you the basics you need.

Universal Source, show me the Source-created solution for:

  • Placing a protective layer of light around myself, my life, my loved ones, and my home 
  • Clearing all non-aligned energies, known and unknown, 
  • Re-calibrating all frequencies in my being with the Universal Source, 
  • Releasing any failure to align by any part of my being, 
  • Deleting and replacing all my records, 
  • Resetting all my Agreements through the Universal Source. 
  • Resetting all my Soul Decisions & Personal Compacts through the Universal Source 
  • Resetting all my Gifts & Visitors through the Universal Source. 
Thank you, it is done.

5.  Sign a "Contract with God"

This contract stipulates that God/Source is in charge of all of your contracts. I have seen this contract effectively block darkness or black magic being able to affect people. This contract will block side/backdoor/fraudulent/beguiled contracts, which are the hallmark for how dark energy is propagated. If something does affect you, it is because the Source is appointing it, there is something for you to know or learn. I would recommend writing this down and signing it, or consciously placing the meditation in prayer/meditation.

Universal Source, God, I am signing a contract with you that you are in charge of all my contracts -

  • All my contracts are Light contracts,
  • You appoint, author, and sign all my contracts 
  • According to my preferences,
  • No side contracts! No backdoor contracts!
  • No rogue parts accepting contracts,
  • No vulnerable parts being beguiled or broken into,
  • Indefinitely ascending on a positive, neutral or silent vibration, 
  • Default removal fully encapsulated.
And so it is!  ~ Your signature

6. Reset  your Agreements and Clear Yourself on a Regular Basis

I reset myself through the Source on a daily basis, basically every time I go into meditation.  This is basically done by placing yourself in direct connection with the Universal Source, and asking to be fully reset.

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