What is Soft Disclosure?

Soft Disclosure Definition

This notion stems from the theory of hard versus soft information. This page discusses the difference, namely being that hard information can be proven by physical standards.

One definition of soft disclosure is found in business.  Here is a financial paper that uses the term.

In metaphysical/UFO/conspiracy circles, soft disclosure if often termed to mean that if someone is talking about something to you, they are disclosing it. So if a cult leader says, "This is how a cult works..." and he proceeds to name of a dozen characteristics of cults -- he is disclosing that this is what he is doing.

Soft Disclosure is a Fraudulent Form of Disclosure

Although spiritual laws governing the planet require disclosure, it appears that this form of soft disclosure is a fraudelent way of disclosing what is happening, without telling the whole truth. I consider it lying, a loophole manipulated by dark forms of being.  My purpose is to re-establish proper disclosure -- so people are told the truth up front and can make a decision accordingly.

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