Telepathic Love Fraud with Incubus Mas Sajady

Many telepathic women have described being love frauded by sex guru Mas Sajady and his alleged mistress Fei Zhou, who apparently do this deliberately.  Mas Sajady is an incubus, which is a sexual demon that sexually assaults women via the spiritual dimensions. Fei Zhou is his handler, and promotes his perverted agenda.

The telepathic women have reported  having remote sexual experiences with Sajady, which included many common elements:
  • Sajady telepathically or energetically approaches women in a sexual fashion (also called spiritual sex),
  • Sajady telepathically conveys he is in love with them,
  • Sajady telepathically conveys he wants to marry them,
  • Sajady telepathically conveys he wants them to have his child,
  • Sajady telepathically conveys that he wants the women to work with him in his business (which has now been debunked as fraud),
  • Sajady telepathically encourages sexual fantasies about him, often supplies his sexual energy for the sexual obsession to continue, and even likes their comments on social media pages,
  • Sajady and Zhou typically fail to discourage sexual obsession and fantasies they know are false.

What is Telepathic Love Fraud?

Experienced healers know that you can touch someone’s energy without physically touching them. They know that you can do energetic healing work on someone even if they are at a distance. Many hands-on-healers work this way.

Just like you can touch someone’s energy at a distance — you can touch their sexual energy remotely.  You can arouse someone remotely.  This is what Mas Sajady is doing.  He approaches women sexually via the energetic dimensions, deceives them, gains consent, then plunders their energy field.  That’s how his telepathic love fraud works.

Sajady Covertly Hooks into Women’s Sexual Energy in Person

It is also possible to hook into someone’s sexual energy in person, without touching them.  A recipient of Sajady’s touch reported that Sajady was hooking into her sexual energy while he was touching her, even though not directly touching her sexual organs:

“I was groped by Mas in the past and can attest that he hooked into  my sexual energy.

If Sajady is sexually arousing adults in a way that cannot be proven — what is to stop him from doing the same to children?  In fact he has groped children in a sexual fashion, and there was nothing to stop him from hooking into their sexual energy as well.  That is why the public needs to be warned about them.

Sajady Denies he is Love Frauding Women — But Admits that Many Women Having Fantasies about Him

While Sajady has denied he is committing telepathic love fraud, the fact that many women have independently come forward with the same experience lends credence to their claims.

Furthermore, Sajady is aware that many women are experiencing “twin flame” fantasies about him.  He has said:  “And then so I get alot of women that write in and go, ‘I’m Mas’ twin flame, can you please forward this to Mas.’  And I know, you know, I know this in my heart of hearts, it’s not, obviously.” (Link, at 2:24) Sajady is aware this imbalance is occurring.

Sajady also said said he could have “thousands of twin flames”, suggesting that he does indeed prey upon women:

“That’s how gurus they manipulate women or even guys and they they control. It’s like, ‘Yes I am your twin flame.’  I can have like thousands of twin flames.  That’s where gurus say seduce women. That’s where you go to India, then every block, anyway those people they call themselves enlightened beings. And basically what they’re looking for is girls who are weak. And it’s like ‘Yes I can enlighten you, just have sex with me.’ And people fall into it. And again they’re fake. Because it’s really easy to seduce people say at the levels, at the higher levels, ‘kay. But the purer you are again you see women like that. Like in my case, they’re gorgeous women. Then you see say the emptiness on the back end on the spiritual side, then it doesn’t say attract you.”  (Link, at 4:35)

This statement is basically soft disclosure:  Sajady is describing something that he is doing, pretending he’s not doing it, as a means of disclosing what he is doing.

Sajady Cult Member Admits Love Fraud Experience

Jackie Bean, a long-time defender of Sajady’s fraud, has actually corroborated the claims of the women who report they were love frauded by Sajady.  She mentions experiencing several of the same key points of his love fraud as they have:
  • She admits having a love fraud experience with Sajady,
  • She mentions telepathic contact,
  • She mentions thinking Sajady was her “twin flame”,
  • She corroborates that many women are getting sexually hooked by Sajady:  “I started getting upset when women wold post hearts or tell him they loved him on Facebook.”
She also mentions another common feature:  Not finding him attractive, but still getting hooked by him. Here is part of her statement, posted on a Mas Sajady testimonial page.

In the rest of this post, we will cover Sajady’s motivations, how his predatory business model functions, and some specific individuals who have experienced Sajady’s telepathic love fraud.

  1. Why Sajady Preys Upon Women Sexually
  2. Sajady’s Business Model Includes Seducing Traumatized Women
  3. The Role of “Duplicates”
  4. Online Masturbation Sessions
  5. Sexual Dreams with Sajady
  6. Spiritual Rape
  1. Tanster
  2. “Lisa”
  3. “Maya”

1. Why Sajady Preys Upon Women Sexually

The reason why Sajady preys upon women sexually is to use them and their sexual energy as a food source and to build his fraud. Sajady seeks to get women to sexually connect with him, whether physically or through fantasy or in their dreams.  The sexual energy that is generated he can then harvest (“tap”), and use to pay off his demons, reinforce his perverted fraud, and build the demonic system behind him.

This suicidal woman, Marta, appears to have been not only love frauded by Sajady, but also experiencing Stockholm Syndrome due to him. Here she is writing yet another love poem to him.  She indicates she was suicidal (Sajady encourages suicide), yet considers perpetrator Sajady a helping agent.  Marta says,  “I’m returning to the world, was not time to go home. Thank you for your love since my first contact with you.”

Someone who had been a Sajady customer for many years recognized Marta: “In the early days she would write vague  ‘love’ poems to Mas.  There was a pic of her on her hands and knees. It was not discouraged on his page.”

The purpose of Sajady preying upon these women is to harvest their energy.  And it appears that Marta’s energy has been sucked out of her, making her age prematurely:  “She has really aged since her pic first started appearing on his page with the love poems. Mas and her entities may have sapped her vital life force.”

From Marta’s statements, it sounds like she was another telepathic love fraud victim of Sajady’s.

2. Sajady’s Business Model Includes Seducing Traumatized Women

Sajady specifically targets traumatized women:  He holds himself out as a suicide and mental health expert, as a sexual trauma and abuse expert.  These women are often easier targets, as their energy field has already experienced assault, hence are easier to assault again.

This woman below appears to be a vulnerable adult:  She has posted many emotional comments indicating she likely has a mental health diagnosis.  She has also posted many comments indicating she is in sexual fantasy with Sajady:  “I wished he was ‘my’ boyfriend.” However nothing is done to discourage this.

3. The Role of “Duplicates”

Mas Sajady claims he has “duplicates” that can “help” people.  However, Sajady is avowedly demonic.  These are just demonic entities that work with him.  So when women have said that Sajady’s “duplicates” have approached them — this is demonic beings coming to connect sexually with them, to harvest their energy as part of his dark system.

This person describes her experience with a duplicate of Sajady preying upon her after she communicated with Sajady via Twitter:
“That night I saw an angel that looked like Mas come into my bed and try to get me sexually excited by grabbing my breasts… I woke up and it was actually a demon of sorts that feeds.  When ‘Mas’ appears to you, it is not the true Mas, it’s a demon that uses the image of Mas to feed on women as sexual energy.”

4. Online Masturbation Sessions

Sajady has hosted online masturbation sessions, along with one of his alleged mistresses, Fei Zhou. Here is one advertisement, featuring a demonic depiction by Zhou:  “Join Mas in this explicit medi-healing session that will connect you to pure source through one of the best methods of connection.  Sensual pleasure.”

This 2020 online masturbation session suggests that women should "join Mas in this Sex & Sensuality Medihealing."

The reason why Sajady would host masturbation sessions is to get women masturbating so their sexual and orgasmic energy could be harvested. When sexual or love energies are created, they emanate outwards, where they can be stolen by demonic entities.  Sajady’s system has set the specific intent to extract and harvest these energies from women.  (Information on Spiritual Protection here.)

This woman describes one of Sajady’s online masturbation sessions as “titillating”, suggesting she was engaging in masturbation during the session.

Women have reported orgasming during his online meditations, whether they wanted to or not:

“He did something on Passion and I pretty much orgasmed…. I was not asking to have sex or wanting him at all.”

If not having outright affairs with his customers, Sajady is believed to also be masturbating to his customers.  One woman reported that in addition to hearing what sounded like sex noises during one online “meditation”, she clairvoyantly saw Sajady masturbating to his customers during other online meditations.


5. Sexual Dreams with Sajady

In addition to experiencing Sajady’s sexual predation while they were awake, many Sajady customers have reported having sexual dreams involving Sajady while asleep.

Mas Sajady is is believed to be backed by advanced demonic technology that can create fake dreams. These dreams are used to manipulate people, and often used to seduce women, who then believe that he is in love with them. The dreams use a conscious part of the brain. So when the women awaken, they clearly remember the dream, as though they are remembering it with their conscious mind.
These dreams are remembered in a different way than normal dreams.  Read more about fake dreams here.

Fortunately for this potential victim, she left at the first sign something was wrong:

“I quit listening after I had a very inappropriate dream about him.”

6. Spiritual Rape

Unfortunately, it appears that women who refuse sexual consent to Sajady or his demons can experience spiritual rape. Many of their experiences are recorded here.



1. Tanster

Tanster briefly acted as a photographer for sex cult leaders Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou, before realizing the depth and extent of their perverted fraud.

Tanster was also ensnared by Sajady’s telepathic love fraud, believing Sajady to be his twin flame. Like other women who have spoken out, by going into his system and coming out and talking about it — her experience has served to help systembust his dark system.

I had done some remote healing on Tanster, and clairvoyantly saw the sexual energy hooks Sajady had in Tanster.  Sajady had implanted her with sexual control devices, to access her sexuality, so he could tap the upper dimensions through her sexuality. This is not real sexuality — it is a fake, manufactured version, intended to take advantage of someone. Mas Sajady taps many women’s souls sexually and uses them, whether they are conscious of it or not. He is attempting to set up a sex slave society.

About an hour later after pulling Tanster away from Sajady, I received a call from hTanster, who I had never met. Tanster said she had felt what had happened as she was pulled away.

Part of the reason Sajady’s system was so effective was that he was covertly hypnotizing his audience.  Behind him was a dark system that generates the hypnotic frequencies and supplies the demonic entities to prey upon people.  Sajady instructed people to play his recordings constantly on a loop — which is what clients did. However, this merely ensnared them further in his demonic system, and did little to bring the success he promised. Says Tanster:

“I didn’t realize it at the time but he uses covert hypnosis to control minds. Before I knew it I felt compelled to spend around $300 to see him at a talk in another state…  At the talk he was seductive with me, whispering in my ear that he could help me. When I walked away he looked at me with longing as if he had just fallen in love. I felt compelled because of the covert hypnosis to keep listening. He always told the audience to listen to him constantly on a loop, which I did. This is how he brainwashed me.Through his hypnosis I came to believe he was in love with me and that I was in love with him. This happens to a lot of women. This is apparently how he makes so much money even though he delivers nearly nothing except calamity.”

Tanster discusses Sajady’s in-person seduction:  Sajady gropes her intimately and whispers things to her.  While he is doing this, he is also cording her energy, to control her.

“He rubbed down on my lower back for around three minutes. He looked at me like he was in love with me as I walked away… He put his arm around my backk like a boyfriend and rubbed my lower belly and he looked up at me and said seductively, ‘very nice.’ I went on a cruise he was working on where I saw him with his employee. He had his hands ll over her and he was staring at me lustfully behind her back.”

Tanster pointed out how Sajady pretended not to know her when she saw him on the 2016 cruise — despite the fact that his Twitter page has retweeted numerous posts of hers, used her in his advertising, and various other contacts.

Tanster says Sajady and Zhou never bothered to inform her she was mistaken about Sajady being her twin flame. Instead, they let the love fraud continue:  “I had been saying we were twin flames on my social media for six months, tagging him multiple times per day and he never bothered to inform me that I was mistaken before this.”

Finally, Sajady sent her a disingenuous email, pretending he had just discovered her emails and Facebook posts. Sajady called her delusional and said, “We are NOT twin flames. I appreciate your interest but the fantasy has got to stop.”

So someone who calls himself a “minister”, who is actively engaging in spiritual sexual assault of women, who knows he is generating many women fantasizing about him — responds by calling a woman who is exposing him “delusional.”

That’s why so many of the women spiritually harassed by him have felt the need to speak out about his love fraud.

It was soon after this that Tanster was able to disconnect from the love fraud energy hooks Sajady had in her, and see what was really happening: “It seemed as if Mas was doing love fraud on me, Fay and perhaps countless others. My friend told me he telepathically made her an offer that was hard to refuse but she did.”

While Tanster had been on a cruise with Sajady and Zhou, he witnessed their indiscreet behavior firsthand:  “I saw him being flagrantly seductive with his employee who shook her butt in his face like a stripper right in front of me.”

Tanster recognized that Sajady was also using famous Nazi mind control tactics on Fei:  “One minute  he was treating her like his beloved wife (as if they were shopping for a home together), the next he’d be passive aggressively ridiculing her stupidity right in front of me and his other followers.”

Tanster’s summary of Sajady is aptly put:  “Would you be interested in a story about a fabulously successful cult leader who uses covert hypnosis and psychic power to seduce and control leagues of women?”


2. “Lisa”

“Lisa” appears to be yet another vulnerable adult seduced by Sajady’s demonic love fraud.  The woman is suicidal, appears to have a mental health diagnosis, and her postings of hers indicated she was sexually obsessed with Sajady.

She was warned that Sajady has ties to pedophilia, has lied in court, is a fraud — but she was blinded by her sexual obsession with Sajady:  “Good looking men who  understand the feminine are extremely attractive!  … I do not CARE if he has committed fraud.”  At that time, Sajady would also have been heavily reeling her in with his black magic mind control energy.

In this post it sound like she is having sexual fantasies about Sajady, “Those  to die for muscles. Mmmmmm Nice!”

She says, “I wished that he was ‘my’ boyfriend.”

The very interesting element is that she is able to recognize that Fei Zhou is fake when she sees her in person, “I didn’t find Fay beautiful at all.  She looked terribly fake.”

Lisa’s cat died right at the beginning of her obsession with Sajady. Many former Sajady clients have talked about the large number of deaths of pets while under Sajady’s influence, which are presumable death sacrifices.

3. “Maya”

This former customer describes having a fake dream involving Sajady.  She calls it an “inception dream”, intended to hook women before they meet the person:

“I had the most perfect dream, Mas appeared, he kissed me and welcomed me in. I heard beings which I thought were angels speaking telling me to go with him. They said ‘this is your new boyfriend…’ "

Maya says she went “into a hypnotic Love trance of some kind.” She describes her friend falling into sexual fantasy with Sajady as well:  “She became sexually distorted and began having high fantasies when she started his program.”

Maya says that she would sometimes dream of Sajady every night, and in one dream “he was sexually activating me until I orgasmed.”

Maya recounts how she felt spiritually raped by Sajady and his demonic system after one of his online sex clinics:

“I was raped for energy non-stop by his beings during and after the sensual frequency clinic.”

On another online meditation Maya says of Sajady, “He did something on Passion and I pretty much orgasmed.”

In the end, Maya felt her soul has been completely raped by Sajady:  “A daddy who raped me for everything I had to give.”

When she was trying to leave his system she ended up in a coma, dying, and having a near death experience that revealed to her the nature of Sajady’s system.

Maya says that behind Sajady are Nordic ET’s — Nazis, and that’s where the advanced technology comes from to invade people’s dreams and energy field.  I agree with her and have seen the same energy system behind Sajady.  I have covered some of this information in the below video.

Video also posted at:


If you’ve gotten this far, you are very studious. Remember, predators are everywhere in all forms. One thing you can do, after connecting to your Higher Power on a daily basis, is protect your spiritual contracts. Predators always seek to gain your consent to harm you, and they will also do any devious tricks they can think of to trick you into giving consent.

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