Mas Sajady Does Black Magic ~ Protecting Yourself

In addition to all the other sordid facts about the perverted sex cult run by Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou -- it appears that Sajady and Zhou also post alleged pedophile symbols in their marketing. 

Pedophile symbols are explained in a 2007 FBI document available courtesy of Wikileaks. According to the document, “[P]edophiles are using various types of identification or logos or symbols to recognize each other and distinguish their sexual preferences.”  The symbols posted by Zhou and Sajady certainly resemble pedophile symbols. 

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What Can You Do to Protect Yourself from Dark Energy/Black Magic/Evil Intent?

Several of us have been systembusting sleazy sex guru Mas Sajady. Over time we have dug up more and more filthy and just plain evil information.  Besides doing black magic, Sajady is a pervert with ties to pedophilialies pathologicallyadmires Hitlerencourages suicide, advocates for drug use, etc.  

I have found three key ways to protect myself while systembusting Mas Sajady.  The first is constantly calling upon the Light/God/Source, persistently keeping myself in direct connection with the Universal Source.

The second and third ways involve protecting my spiritual contracts.  First I reset all of my spiritual contracts through God/the Divine Source, and then I made an arrangement that the Divine Source is in charge of all my contracts. I call this a "Contract with God." Learn more at this page about spiritual agreements, and what you can do it detail to protect yourself from the tactics and effects of dark energy.

This video covers the details.

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Mas Sajady does Black Magic

Mas Sajady states he works with demons aka "dark sources" -- that is Black Magic:  
“I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe."
-- Mas Sajady, Nov 9, 2016, “Post-Election Game Plan" recording.

I just defeated Mas Sajady in court, and now I can once again tell the truth about him. Mas Sajady works with demons.  This video plays the recording where Mas Sajady actually says:
“I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe.”

"Dark sources" are demons.  God, the Light, is not a “dark source.” But demons are, so are Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, the Anti-Christ. By his own admission, Mas Sajady works with demons, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, the Anti-Christ…

In detail, if someone says they have “dark sources that help” them — they have contracts with dark energy and are working with and via dark energy (demons, black magic, dark leagues, the Anti-Christ etc). While novices might dismiss his comment or accept justifications for working with “dark sources”, experienced light workers and anyone truly connected to God know this is a massive red flag. There is no need for anyone working with the Light to ever call upon dark energy or demons for assistance!

Mas Sajady's Ties to Pedophilia

Mas Sajady also has red flags linking him to pedophilia -- he has said abuse is "seductive",  justified abuse as "healing", he posts overly intimate photos with his teenage daughter, he posts photos of his young daughters in his groin, he sleeps in bed with his young daughters, and more.

Most recently, Sajady has paid Teal Swan to endorse him. Teal Swan justified pedophilia in this interview, and Sajady nodded in agreement. These are two evil people channeling the demonic agenda.

Mas Sajady Advocates for Drug Use

He really does, no kidding. This video plays and analyzes his statements.

Mas Sajady's Messy Life

If you want any more proof that Mas Sajady is not the fabulous guru he claims to be, this video shows documented proof that his life is a mess.

The Whole Story

If you want to follow the whole story of the Mas Sajady - Fei Zhou sex cult, this website catalogs everything we have found about him.

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