Ginger and Turmeric Prevent Cancer

When you research ginger and its relative turmeric, there is extensive information about their health benefits:
  • Prevent and stop the spread of cancer  
  • Natural anti-biotic
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Soothe arthritis pain 
  • Treat seasickness and nausea 
  • Lower blood sugar levels.

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Ginger and turmeric contain many compounds that prevent and fight cancer.  One compound known for its anti-tumor properties is B-elemene.  This compound not only induces cancer cell death, but also stops cell cycles at four different stages, depending on the type of tumor.  B-Elemene stops pancreatic cancer from spreading. (1)

Another compound in ginger, 6-Shogaol, has a 10,000-times greater efficacy than the popular
chemotherapy drug Taxol when it comes to killing breast cancer stem cells. (2)  6-Shogaol is produced when ginger root is cooked or dried, and its cancer-killing effects can take place at concentrations that aren’t toxic to healthy cells, unlike conventional cancer treatment.(3)

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The compounds in ginger, called gingerols, have been found to inhibit carcinogens in the colon, thereby preventing colorectal cancer.  Some studies also show promising links between gingerols and the reduction of tumors and cancerous cells in the ovaries. (4)

Ginger kills off enzymes without which prostate cancer cells die within hours. (5)

Several studies have demonstrated ginger’s ability to also fight many strains of bacteria. (6)

Ginger and turmeric contain very potent anti-inflammatory compounds. (7)

Turmeric's anti-inflammatory is called curcumin.  It protects against chronic illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer's disease.  The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric have health benefits for skin, preventing or helping to repair visible signs of aging.  

Curcumin has also been shown to increase levels of neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the brain. BDNF acts as a type of growth hormone that protects the brain from age-related decline or damage.( 8)  Low BDNF levels are tied to depression (9) as well as Alzheimer’s. (10)  Research shows that curcumin inserts itself into cell membranes, which may help to boost cells’ resistance to damage, infection, and inflammation. (11)

The Synergy of Turmeric, Black Pepper, and Ginger

The majority of curcumin gets metabolized before it reaches the bloodstream. Increasing the dose does not lead to higher absorption.  One study revealed that administration of
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curcumin resulted in only 1% bioavailability of curcumin in rat plasma.

Black pepper helps in increasing the bioavailability of curcurmin. The piperine in black pepper acts as bioenhancer to vitamins, amino acids, minerals and herbal compounds. In humans, curcumin bioavailability was increased by 2,000% at 45 minutes after co-administering curcumin orally with piperine with no adverse effects. (12)  Even just a small pinch of pepper is sufficient.  Additionally, initial brain uptake of curcumin was increased by 48% comparable to that without piperine

The gingerols from the ginger act as bioenhancer to piperine, and usually ginger works synergistically with piperine. Ginger promotes the intestinal absorption of many compounds and elements, including some drugs.
Turmeric is fat-soluble, thus for your body to fully absorb the compounds, you need to mix it with  a fat source.

Heating turmeric, and eating it with quercetin (bioflavonoid) and bromelain also help increase its absorption. (13)

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Chinese Medicine on Using Fresh or Dried Ginger:  Reducing Body Temperature vs. Keeping Body Warm
The processing method used to turn fresh ginger into ground ginger involves the reduction of the amount of gingerols it contains, but it also increases amounts of other important compounds like shogaols, which as mentioned above can even very potent and more effective for medicinal uses.  Dried ginger is best to fight cancer, as it contains more shogaols. (7) 

Chinese medical tradition says that the use of fresh ginger is recommended for reduction of fever, while dried ginger is required for keeping our body healthy and warm. (14)

Morning  Tonic

Ginger makes a great part of a fresh morning tonic that has many nutrients in raw form.  Crush or mince the ingredients, chew if you can, and swallow up:

  • 1 clove of fresh crushed or minced garlic (let stand for 10 minutes, the enzymatic activity releases more allicin)
  • 1/2 tsp. fresh minced ginger
  • Juice of 1 fresh lemon (bottled lemon juice will have virtually no vitamin C)
  • 1 T. oil, such as olive, flax oil or cod liver oil (the latter two need to be kept refrigerated)

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