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Have you got patterns like this guy?

This video is hilarious -- because it's so true. Everything he encounters in this video exists on the earth plane as an energy, and you may have encountered some form of it:
  • Just as soon as you get it together, does something beat you down?
  • Do you feel like you have a shadow following you? 
  • Does it seem like you are up against a system of blocks that is beyond your ability to shift?
  • Does it seem like darkness has more power in your life than anything else?
Call me for a session if you have major patterns you want to shift so you can be free!

If you were abducted, what would happen to you?

If you seem to end up on the same path in life as the gal on the left in the SNL video below, you have this vibration in your being. Call me for a session to clear this stuff out so you can be free of this vibration.

Real Change ~ Manifesting with Radionics

I met Zicheng when I was working on a rental property by the U of M. Zicheng was from China, truly an outsider to his home country. I could see he was a soul that would have a hard time adapting to the earth plane. So I took him under my wing, taught him some home repair, brought him out on a few adventures. I tried to make Zicheng do some pushups for me, but he always refused.

Twice I put intentions in the Radionics Device for Zicheng. The first time I asked him what he needed most. He said he needed a to know what his next step was. I put the intention in the Radionics Device. A month later he found a better place to live, less expensive, nicer condition, and less stress, and moved there.

A few months later I asked him what he needed most, and he said "an American Engineer Identity." As a Chinese citizen, he was finding it would be hard to stay in the U. S. without citizenship, and he did't want to go back to China. A few months later, Zicheng had done some research on applying for citizenship, and found that there was a program where he could join the military and receive citizenship through a reserves program. He took some tests, and passed them.

He says that the program will be applying for his citizenship before he goes into basic training. He says he can do 15 pushups now, and needs to get to 40. Funny what a carrot in front of your nose can do.

Everything in Your Life Working for your Benefit

I had a dream one night about some energetic "bumps" ahead that I would prefer not to affect me. Here is what I did to immunize myself. I placed the below intention, and lightworked the energy such that anything that would happen would work for my benefit. As I lightworked, the future energies:

1. Received the message that they had no future engagement with me;
2. Moved out of my aura and life.

Here is the intention I placed, the purpose will help you set a safe space about you so things work for your benefit:

  • Universal Source, show me the Source-created solution, with six qualifiers as noted below, that any and all energies around me and within me in the future work for my benefit from the beginning. 
Thank you, it is done.

Six Qualifiers:

  • In indefinite ascension
  • On a positive, neutral, or silent vibration,
  • In all dimensions,
  • In Infinite Time.
  • According to my preferences
  • Default removal fully encapsulated.

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