Healing Mas Sajady Clients

I have been doing healings on numerous Mas Sajady clients.  Mas Sajady has said himself, he is not working with the Light:  

"I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe."

While novices might dismiss this comment or accept justifications, experienced lightworkers know this is a massive red flag. There is NO reason for anyone working with the Light to work with or sign contracts with dark energy beings.  As evidenced by the "need" to do a "Suicidal Clinic" -- his dark system has generated a large number of suicidal clients. This is a second massive red flag that something is wrong.

From the information I have received, anytime anyone lets Mas Sajady enter their energy field, this is the contract they are signing with him:

"I agree to let you do whatever you want, for better or for worse." 

The contract they are signing with the Source says, "I understand there will be a gift from the Light at the end of this debacle." That would be nice. I have heard a few souls say, "I will agree, as long as I know there is a way out in the end."

These souls are coming out with some pretty horrific experiences. I have detailed some of them at the Healing Mas Sajady Clients website, and post updates at the Facebook page for Healing Mas Sajady Clients.

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